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Our Mortgage Broker Guide to getting a mortgage in Kentish Town

The mortgage application process has 4 stages regardless of which mortgage lender you use:

    Approval/Decision in Principal (AIP/DIP)
    Mortgage in Principal (MIP)
    Mortgage Valuation
    Mortgage Offer

Read about the full mortgage process here - What is the mortgage process?

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Stay living in one place

Ever wonder why you get asked, “Have you lived at this address for longer than 3 years?” If you haven’t been registered at one address for a long period of time this will affect your credit rating because a mortgage lender wants to know where you live. If you keep moving, this shows a lack of stability and inconsistency increasing your risk profile.

Stay put and register everything you have to at this one address. Show a stable living and continuous residential address and your credit score will go up.

No Deposit Mortgage

No deposit mortgages are designed such that the applicant gets a 100% loan to value (LTV) from the lender without having to provide the normal 10% deposit.

The applicant must, however, have an associate (most often a family member) who provides security for the mortgage loan normally by either agreeing to leave a sum of money in a linked account for a set period of time (the lender controls the account during that time period) or by putting up their own house as collateral.

If the mortgage holder defaults on repayments, the lender can remove funds from the linked account or force the associate to release value from their own home to make up the shortfall.

To find out more, click on No Deposit Mortgages

Kentish Town is a district and area of North London (some would say North West London but this would be splitting hairs) in the London Borough of Camden. It has a long history and curiously was the home of several piano and organ manufacturers in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Among various other idiosyncrasies of the area, a network of streets in the East of Kentish Town has streets named after places or persons connected with Christ Church, Oxford such as Oseney, Busby, Gaisford, and Caversham. Some of the freehold of these streets is still in the name of Christ Church Oxford and there's a similar story in a network of streets in the north of the area, which was part of a large estate owned by St John's College, Cambridge.,/div>

In terms of landmarks and attractions for this well-connected and desirable area, there is the Forum, a music venue which has been open for decades and is perennially relevant, showcasing many different styles of music; the Dandy Lion market, with its mix of independent vintage items and affordable arts and crafts objects (Kentish Town Road/Islip Street); the beautiful Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Andrew and, of course, Camden with its world famous markets and other attractions is within easy reach and Central London is but a bus ride – or longer walk – away.

Property Price Stats for Kentish Town

Average property price in Kentish Town£884,207
% Change compared to last year5%
Population of Kentish Town13,417 (2011)

The property price data is sourced from  the Land Registry's UK House Price Index and you can view up to date property prices by clicking - Land Registry House Price Index >>Land Registry

Mortgage Broker Kentish Town - Recently Completed

  • Crowndale Court NW1 1TY
  • Rochester Road, NW1 9JH
  • Gloucester Place, Marylebone NW1 6DX
  • Camden Court, NW1 0SX
  • Kiln Place NW5 4AL

Local High Street Banks in Kentish Town

Mortgage Broker in and around Kentish Town

Our Kentish Town mortgage broker can help you with your mortgage app;lication locally or in any of the surrounding areas including Primrose Hill, Camden, Holloway, Tufnell Park, Belsize Park, Barnsbury and Hampstead.

Which banks are local to you?

  • Lloyds Bank Plc - 273 Kentish Town Rd, Kentish Town, London NW5 2LP
  • HSBC Bank Plc - 176 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 8QL
  • NatWest Bank Plc - 166 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 0NS

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Kentish Town Mortgage Broker Insider Tips

Book your mortgage valuation as soon as you've had your offer accepted

If you're buying with a mortgage, you won't be able to complete unless the funds have come through to your solicitor. You have to apply for a mortgage, be accepted/get a mortgage in principle but then, once you've had an offer accepted, your mortgage lender has to value the property and only after this, assuming all goes to plan, do you get your mortgage offer with funds in readiness.

You can therefore minimise lost time by booking your mortgage valuation on the day you have an offer accepted. It may take around a week or so for the valuation survey to take place, then you have to allow for a few days to elapse before you have your offer. If you delay, the whole process slows down. 

Additionally, if there's any issues, like your lender undervaluing your property or making you a conditional offer, there might be further delays.

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