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Transfer of Equity Stamp Duty

(Last Updated: 20/09/2023)
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You have to pay stamp duty on transfer of equity where there is consideration over £40,000 if a buy to let or over £125,000 if your principle place of residence.

The sdlt transfer of equity rules are different for married couples. Read more >>Stamp duty on transfer of property between spouses.

What is transfer of equity stamp duty?

Stamp duty land tax is applicable to any transfer of land between one party to another where there is consideration. The rate of stamp duty payable differs for properties in England and those in Wales. Read more - What are the Transfer of Equity Costs?

When buying someone out of jointly owned property you need to factor in the stamp duty the purchase attracts as part of the settlement.

Transfer of Equity Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator

Money Changing Hands

What is the total Existing Debt on the property?

What percentage of the existing debt is being taken on?

Is there any other consideration given for the equity?

Existing Debt taken on

You are responsible for paying the correct stamp duty based on your own circumstances. You should call HMRC for help with Stamp Duty Land Tax queries and to confirm your own personal liability on 0300 200 3510 Opening times: 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (closed weekends).

What is chargeable consideration?
Chargeable consideration is defined in the Finance Act 2003, Schedule 4, Stamp duty land tax: chargeable consideration. Consideration can be:

  • cash changing hands; added onto
  • the taking on of a debt (such as a mortgage or personal loan)

To work out the total consideration you add the cash/money being paid for the assignment and the new owner’s share of the existing mortgage/loan debt. If the total consideration exceeds the stamp duty threshold, then stamp duty is payable at the prevailing rate. Any stamp duty land tax should be declared and paid to HMRC within 30 days after completion of the transaction otherwise you may incur penalties.

SDLT Transfer of Equity Example

For Example: Ian owns a property in England valued £300,000 with a £275,000 existing mortgage. Jane, the wife of Ian, is transferred onto the legal title. Jane owns 99% of the beneficial interest and Ian owns 1% and Jane doesn't pay Ian any money for her share. Stamp duty land tax is payable on the consideration based on 99% of the existing (mortgage) debt of £275,000 which equates to £272,250 as she takes on 99% of the existing debt. As Ian and Jane are married there is no second home stamp duty, however there is standard rate stamp duty for the transaction. Click to use our up to date stamp duty calculator.

As we see above it is important to note that if someone owns 99% of the beneficial interest, they are treated for tax purposes as owning 99% of the existing debt/s (mortgage or second charges) over the property, even if all of the parties named on the mortgage are joint and severally liable for the mortgage.

Transfer of Equity Solicitor

We can handle the whole process in a matter of weeks with our panel of solicitors. We can help with:

  • Transfer a party on or off the legal title
  • Separation Agreements
  • Gifted transfer for no consideration

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