Andrew Boast

Andrew is our CEO, Executive Director & Co-Founder. He founded SAM Conveyancing with Claudine Boast. In a career spanning more than 22 years he has guided thousands of clients through the complex process of buying a home both personally and through his teams of expert solicitors, surveyors and mortgage advisers.

His clients praise his straight talking and forward thinking approach to challenges. Andrew often parachutes in to realign the process between buyer and seller with the goal of getting the transaction completed.

Andrew is a qualified accountant and supports the conveyancing market with his years of conveyancing experience and in March 2020 advised the Telegraph readers on How to buy a home during the Coronavirus.

Andrew also uncovered exclusions within the Government's Help to Buy ISA scheme which affected over 500,000 first time buyers and he worked successfully with Katie Morley at the Telegraph to bring these to the attention of the wider public. His findings resulted in all the main stakeholders of the scheme, from the government to mortgage lenders, reassessing its terms and conditions and giving much-needed clarification to first time buyers. They also aided in the deployment of the Government's new Life Time ISA (LISA). You can read the full story here - How we uncovered the truth behind the Help to Buy ISA

Andrew published his first e-guide in November 2014 on the housing market crisis, called How Long Before You'll Never Be Able to Buy a House, followed by The Conveyancing Guide for Buyers. In 2023 he published his first book, an essential guide for buyers: How to Buy a House Without Killing Anyone .

As a conveyancing commentator, Andrew has been invited to speak on the BBC (both television and radio), London Live and Tip TV and has been quoted widely in most of the mainstream press. He continues to support the drive for home ownership actively.

Andrew also works alongside the Royal Holloway University of London to mentor students wishing to become entrepreneurs: most recently, his help assisted a student in setting up a sustainable fashion company.

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Andrew Boast
Andrew Boast of Sam Conveyancing


"When I purchased my first home in 2001 I was 21. I was only able to buy because I had the help from my Mum and Dad - being so young I couldn’t have afforded to buy on my own. At the time I was working in the solicitor's firm that was handling my conveyancing and although I was just 2 doors away from my solicitor, I was still having migraines because of the stress - moving home is really scary. Was the seller going to pull out? When was I going to complete? What is a leasehold flat? - all the things I now understand, but to me back then it was very daunting. I understand that if I felt like that and I worked very close to my solicitor, then I can only imagine what it feels like for everyone else.

"I’ll never forget the ecstatic feeling when I collected my keys. My friend and I dropped off my 1 box of stuff at the flat and then went to the pub to celebrate. I remember waking up lying in the middle of the living room floor cuddling my for sale sign.

"SAM Conveyancing is here to help you buy a home; our expert team of friendly, proactive professional conveyancing solicitors and surveyors are at your disposal. We have the know-how and professional expertise to give you the support you need at a time when you need it the most.

I look forward to hearing what your story will be when you buy your home."