Form LL Restriction is the anti fraud restriction at the Land Registry
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We can verify your restriction for a fixed fee of £150 INC VAT or remove it for £260 INC VAT. Any additional owners will trigger an extra fee of £50 INC VAT per owner.
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Form LL Restriction - Protect your land and property from fraud

(Last Updated: 02/11/2023)
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What is a Form LL restriction?

A Form LL restriction is registered against a property and is recommended by the Land Registry to combat fraud. Whilst it isn't a mandatory requirement or part of the conveyancing process when you buy a property, by having it in place, you could stop a fraudster from selling your property without you knowing.

Why do people get a Form LL restriction?

It is used as an anti-fraud restriction so that the ID of the registered owner is checked in front of a solicitor whenever you sell or remortgage the property. The restriction stops the solicitor from being able to complete the transaction until they or another solicitor has completed the anti-fraud check.

The risk of someone other than the legal owners selling or remortgaging your property is removed. For example: John and Mary own a buy to let property. Their tenants receive John and Mary's post and use this to impersonate them.

Their tenants find a buyer, instruct a solicitor and provide ID documents to the solicitor. With only online checks, the solicitor may inadvertently be duped into believing the tenants are John and Mary.

The tenants, in the end, sell the property, and John and Mary are the victims of fraud. Had there been the anti-fraud restriction at the Land Registry, then the tenants wouldn't have been able to sell the property as they'd not be able to get past the face-to-face ID check.

How do you put restrictions on a property in the UK?

You can place a fraud alert restriction on your property yourself, but the government recommend you get legal advice before you register an anti-fraud restriction on your property title, as it can cause delays when you want to sell, lease or mortgage your property, and may not always be necessary. Get in touch if you'd like to speak to a solicitor about putting a form LL anti fraud restriction on your property.

Complete an RQ(Co) form and post it to the address on the form. This service is free
Complete an RQ form and post it to the address on the form. This service is free
Complete an RX1 form and post it to the address on the form, with the correct fee: £40
Create an account at LandRegistry@Gov.UK, verify your email and sign in to add your property to monitor. You will receive an email alert whenever HM Land Registry receives official searches or applications against the property. The email alert will tell you what to do if the alert is about any activity you don't recognise as yours.

You must act quickly. These alerts will not stop the application from going ahead unless you intervene. If you want to make sure an application cannot go through without you verifying your identity as the legal owner, you will need to apply a Form LL anti fraud restriction instead of, or as well as the Land Registry's property alert service.

Whilst you don't need anyone to help you apply the restriction to your property, if you have this restriction on your title, then you need a solicitor to verify your ID so that you can sell, lease or remortgage the property and if you want to remove the anti-fraud restriction. Our panel solicitor can verify your ID, provide the certificate of compliance and/or remove the restriction, so call the team if you need our help on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges).

Need a Form LL Restriction verified or removed by a Solicitor?

Fed up of solicitors who can't help? We can verify your identity to comply with a form LL restriction, or apply or remove the restriction at the Land Registry. Upload your documents in our simple form to get started now, or get in touch to ask a question.

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What is the Land Registry Anti Fraud Restriction?

The Form LL Restriction, known as the Land Registry Anti Fraud Restriction, reads as follows:

"No disposition of the registered estate by the proprietor of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by a conveyancer that the conveyancer is satisfied that the person who executed the document submitted for registration as disponor is the same person as the proprietor"

A disposition is the transfer of an interest. An interest can mean legal or beneficial interest in a property. Dispositions include, but are not limited to:
  • Selling the property
  • Transferring all or some of the property to a new owner
  • Making a non legal owner a beneficial owner of a share in the property
  • Mortgaging the property
  • Grant or reservation of an easement
  • A rentcharge, or right of entry annexed to a rentcharge
Restrictions that include the term 'no disposition of the registered estate by a proprietor' stop the proprietor from transferring an interest in the property, usually until or unless they have met some other criteria. In the case of a Form LL land registry restriction, the proprietor must get a certificate from a conveyancer to confirm that they are, in fact, the proprietor they claim to be.
Disponor means the person who transfers or conveys a property to another. For example, if I own a property and sell it to you, then I am the disponor and you are the disponee.

What is the anti fraud procedure the solicitor has to follow?

Removing Restriction

Form LL Verifying for one proprietor

  • review the information relating to the verification.
  • a video conference meeting to verify your identity.
  • Provide a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with the Form LL Restriction drafted specifically for the type of transaction undertake. We do not provide any advice regarding the transaction you are undertaking.
We do not provide any advice on the transaction you are undertaking. We charge an additionbal £50 INC VAT for each additional proprietor as long as both parties attend the same meeting at the same time via Zoom.

Please note we will charge extra for:

  • Removal of Form LL Restriction. We can remove the Form LL restriction which means you won't have to get your ID verified again when you make any further changes to the legal title (remortgage/sale). Please ask for a quote.
  • Failing to attend your meeting. You can change a booked meeting time by giving us 24 hours prior to the meeting taking place. We will cancel the booked meeting and charge you a £50 rearrangement fee if: i) you rearrange less than 24 hours before the meeting time, ii) you are more than 15 minutes late for the meeting, iii) you fail to attend the meeting), iv) you do not provide in full all of the required documents for the ID1 or v) you do not provide adequate ID during the meeting.

Form LL Removal for one proprietor

  • review the information relating to the verification;
  • a video conference meeting to verify your identity;
  • Provide a Certificate of Compliance & letter of consent in accordance with the Form LL Restriction for the purpose of removing it;
  • Submitting application to the Land Registry to remove the Form LL restriction;
  • Disbursement costs such as ID fee, office copies and Land Registration charges; and
  • We will handle all possible requisitions raised by the Land Registry.
We do not provide any advice on the transaction you are undertaking. We charge an additionbal £50 INC VAT for each additional proprietor as long as both parties attend the same meeting at the same time via Zoom.

Form LL Verifying
£150 INC VAT
£200 INC VAT
Form LL Removal
£260 INC VAT
£310 INC VAT

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