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Form LL Restriction - Protect your property from fraud

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A Form LL restriction is registered against a property and is recommended by the Land Registry to combat fraud. Whilst it isn't a mandatory requirement or part of the conveyancing process when you buy a property, by having it in place you could stop a fraudster from selling your property without you knowing. 

Whilst you don't need anyone to help you apply the restriction to your property, you can do this by clicking here, you will need a solicitor to verify your ID so that you can sell or transfer equity in the property. Our solicitor can help you with this and the certifying of an ID1 so get in contact if you need our help.

The Form LL Restriction reads as follows:

"No disposition of the registered estate by the proprietor of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by a conveyancer that the conveyancer is satisfied that the person who executed the document submitted for registration as disponor is the same person as the proprietor"

Why do people get a Form LL restriction?

When you own a property, it is considered one of the most valuable assets you own. When it comes to selling the property or refinancing the property fraudsters can impersonate the registered owner and either sell or remortgage the property without the owner’s knowledge.

For example: John and Mary own a buy to let property. Their tenants receive John and Mary's post and use this to impersonate them.

Their tenants find a buyer, instruct a solicitor and provide ID documents to the solicitor. With only online checks the solicitor may inadvertently be duped into believing the tenants are John and Mary.

The tenants in the end sell the property and John and Mary are the victims of fraud.

The Form LL restriction is designed to help prevent the risk of fraud whereby a tenant or another party obtains the identification documents of the owner of the property. 

The restriction prevents you from remortgaging or selling the property unless a certificate is given by a Solicitor or Conveyancer to satisfy the restriction. 

In the example above, the tenants wouldn't be able to impersonate John and Mary because the restriction requires the conveyancing solicitor to certify that they are satisfied that the person who has executed the document submitted for registration as disponor is the same person as the legal owner. 

The only way a solicitor can certify this is via a face to face meeting and as such the tenant's face would differ to the ID provided for the legal owners.

This is helpful particularly for Landlords or homeowners who are leaving their property empty for any period of time.

What is the process the solicitor has to follow?

If you are remortgaging your property and have a form LL restriction registered you will need to have your ID checked, mortgage deed witnessed and a Certificate of Compliance, the certificate of compliance must address the restriction.

You will need to send your solicitor identity documents so that the solicitor can carry out an online ID check. When we receive the above, we will arrange a meeting with you over Skype to witness your signature on the Mortgage Deed. We will then return the mortgage deed along with the compliance certificate to satisfy the restriction.

Need an Form LL Restriction removed by a Solicitor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a form LL restriction?

There is no cost for registering a form LL Restriction. Property owners can submit a request for a Form LL restriction to be entered on the register free of charge using Form RQ - Request for a Restriction by owners not living at the property. Owner occupiers can complete form RX1 with the Form LL restriction.

What is a certificate of compliance?

The certificate of compliance is a document which confirms that you and your solicitor have complied with the various covenants, obligations and restrictions.

Can I have a form LL restriction removed?

You can have the form LL restriction removed from the title of the property. You will need to complete an Application form RX3 to cancel a restriction. The process for cancelling the restriction follows suite and the restriction requires the conveyancer/solicitor to certify that they are satisfied that the person who has applied for the cancellation is the legal owner of the property. You can find out more here - Practice guide 19: notices, restrictions and the protection of third-party interests in the register


The solicitor writes a letter and confirms "I, {SOLICITOR}, certify that I am satisfied that the persons who have executed the Mortgage Deed as disponer are the same persons as the proprietors of {MortgagedPropertyAddress} title number {TITLENUMBER}". If you are looking for a solicitor to do this we can help for a competitive fee - call 0207 112 5388.

How long does it take land registry to remove a restriction?

The Land Registry can receive these restriction removals via an online portal so it can be removed within 2 to 5 working days. When there are a high number of applications to remove a restriction it could take longer.

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