Caragh Bailey

Caragh is a Digital Marketing Manager specialising in Search Engine Optimisation.

She joined the team in 2020 and devises content strategy to ensure we provide you with all the information you need - and you can find it easily.

Caragh specialises in:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Develop & implement strategy
  • Business development & recruitment
  • Content production
  • Form building & data capture
  • HTML
  • Site maintenance
  • Brand image
  • Visual marketing
  • Performance analysis
  • Page speed
  • Accessibility

If there's a way the website can work better for our clients or for our team, Caragh can get it done.

Caragh Bailey, Digital Marketing Manager


"I've never owned a home. Housing has become so expensive relative to the average wage that I never expected to own my own home until much later in life, if I inherit anything from my parents.

"Even back in the early 90's when they bought their first place, they soon found the mortgage too much to manage with two young kids and sold up to fund a self-build which is where I learned to love houses.

"That being said, I do think there are ways for people to get onto the property ladder without as much cash - and working with SAM Conveyancing has really opened my eyes to that.

"One day, when I've got some more money together and I'm ready to settle in a fixed place (for a while at least!) I'm glad to know that SAM will have my back."