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SAM Conveyancing is one of the UK’s largest network of RICS regulated chartered Surveyors. Our surveyors are all RICS registered and have years of experience surveying properties in their local area. To book your House Survey all you need to do is call our team of survey specialists and they'll help you decide which survey to get for your property and provide a fixed, competitive quote for your property.

We offer a number of house surveys including HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations (Including Lease Extensions). We normally have booking slots available the next day for all of our house surveys. If you are unsure which house survey to book click here or call us and we’ll advise you.

All our house surveys include:

Subsidence ReportSubsidence Inspection

The surveyor will look for signs of subsidence within the property paying special attention to signs of cracking internally and to the external walls. As a rule, if you can fit a 50p into a crack in a wall, it could be a sign of subsidence. Our surveyors will flag in their reports if they feel you need to instruct a structural engineer to review a crack further. Read more about Subsidence.

DampDamp Testing

There are numerous reasons why a property can be affected by damp. The Surveyor will take samples in the property using a damp meter and assess the condition of the property to provide a report on whether they feel the property is affected by damp. Further investigations maybe suggested including getting a damp and timber specialist. Read more about damp testing and repairs.

InfestationsIdentify Infestations

Woodworm, mice, rats and ants are infestations that your don't want in your home. Your surveyor will look for visible signs of mouse droppings, damage to floor boards (when visible) and damage to wiring, carpets or skirting boards.Read more about infestations.


Prior to its banned use, asbestos was a commonly used building material, particularly as part of cement products, floor tiles and roofing shingles. Asbestos was used for its durability and resistance to heat and is commonly found in artex ceilings, garage roofing and chimney stacks. Your surveyor will confirm if they suspect any materials in the property have asbestos and if so, suggest getting an asbestos surveyor to intrusively taking samples of the asbestos to confirm the type. Read more about asbestos.

The Importance of Getting a Home Survey

Not sure which which survey to get, then read our helpful guide - HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey?

Examples of a Building Survey, HomeBuyer Report & Property Valuation

Building Survey ExampleHomeBuyer Report ExampleProperty-Valuation-Example

We offer both HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys and often have next day booking slots available. If you are unsure which survey to book click here or call us and we’ll advise you.

We can also offer the following House Surveys:

  • Lease Extension Valuations
  • Purchase of Freehold Valuations
  • Property Valuations - For Help to Buy, divorce settlements, tax calculations
  • Structural Engineer Reports - For subsidence checks, removal of load bearing walls
  • Defect reports - Snagging lists


HomeBuyer Report Vs Building Survey - All you need to know

House Survey vs Homebuyer Report Comparison

House Surveys with Local RICS Surveyors

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We provide national coverage for all types of survey with our locally based surveyors who are all registered with RICS. Armed with local knowledge and years of experience your survey reports will be detailed so that you can make an informed decision when buying the property.

You can search our database of local surveyors and details for surveys by clicking here - Home Buyer Survey Directory

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