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We have local RICS surveyors throughout England with years of experience identifying defects with property. We leave no stone unturned and our fees are fixed - plus we'll handle all the access for you with same week availability.

Get a house survey quote now or speak to a friendly member friendly member of SAM Surveyors on 0333 344 3234 (local call rate).
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What are the different types of House Survey?

There are a number surveys you can get and we have hand selected some of the best surveyors to work with in the market who provide a service we are prepared to put our name to. We have a number of different specialist surveyors who handle different types of survey which include:

When using a SAM panel surveyor we handle all of the booking process for you and we have negotiated 'better than direct' fees with all of our panel surveyors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a FIXED House Survey Cost quote?

You can either call our us on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply) and we'll discuss the types of survey you need, or you can use our online form above to set a call back time that suits you.

During our call we'll discuss what your intentions are and which survey would better suit your style of property. We then email you a competitively priced fixed fee quote setting out the scope of work for the service chosen.

Are the survey fees for buying a house more expensive than a flat?

As we've seen about, RICS has three types of house survey, a condition report, HomeBuyers Report and a Building Survey. Building surveys are suited for larger property’s or older properties, or if you’re planning major works such as Edwardian and Victorian properties. The HomeBuyers Report is better suited for properties under 70 years old that have not had major extensions for example bungalows or flats. When purchasing a Flat you would only need a HomeBuyers Survey. Survey fees are cheaper on a flat as the surveyor is limited to what they can access therefore there is less work to complete compared to a house and this is reflected in the house survey cost.

Does a house survey cost more in London?

The simple answer is yes, however the more detailed answer is that London house prices are higher than the rest of the country so you'll find that a homebuyers survey cost will be more than outside of London. There is a caveat to this though because the capital is a busy market and there are alot of RICS Building Surveyors so there is fierce competition. With a little shopping around you should be able to find a quote that suits your budget, however don't just base your buying decision on price - cheap doesn't mean you'll get quality or early availability. Why don't you check out the cost for survey in different parts of London here:

How do I book a Survey?

Booking is easy, so when you are ready to instruct you call us on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply). We take all of the property details including:

  • Your full names and correspondence address;
  • Property address;
  • Type of property; and
  • Estate agent or access details.

We book in our panel surveyor on the earliest available date (normally within 2 to 3 days) or on a specific date of your choice

What is the House survey cost?

A HomeBuyers Survey Cost is cheaper than the Building Survey cost due to several factors, however the key reason is that the building surveyor spends longer providing a Level 3 Building Survey. You can read more on the different costs here:

What qualifications does a RICS surveyor have?
Our panel of RICS surveyors are all regulated by RICS and hold one of the following accreditations:

  • Associate RICS (AssocRICS);
  • Member RICS (MRICS); or
  • Fellow RICS (FRICS).

What to do if there is a problem?
We take matters like this very seriously and our Surveyor would like the opportunity to reply to your complaint in full. The first step is for you to detail in writing what your formal complaint is; setting out the reasons for your complaint and to provide any additional evidence that supports your complaint including any photos (photos and other supporting evidence are incredibly useful so please provide these). 

The Surveyor will send you their Formal Complaints Procedure which sets out their time frames to respond to your complaint. The Surveyor will take all reasonable steps to resolve your complaint and may ask to revisit the property. After completing their review, the Surveyor writes to you in response to your complaint. This will hopefully address your complaint through providing additional information where possible.

In the event that you are still unsatisfied with the Surveyor you can pursue a third party dispute resolution service that the surveyor is registered to. You cannot raise a complaint to the dispute resolution service until you have raised a formal complaint to your Surveyor. The details of the dispute resolution service for RICS surveyors is:

Service Provider
Centre for Effective
Dispute Resolution
70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU
The dispute resolution service is free for you to use and considers all information provided by you and the Surveyor. You can read the guidance notes here. They provide their independent opinion on the delivery of the Service by the Surveyor. If you are unhappy with the decision from the dispute resolution service you can ask for a further review by another person at CEDR. If after this further review you are still unhappy then you can seek to look to reclaim your losses through the legal system.

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house survey

Home Buyers Survey Quotes

We'll tailor your home buyers survey costs to your specific property making sure you get the right survey at a competitive price; either the Home Buyer Report or the Full Building Survey

House Surveyors Near Me

Our RICS Building Surveyors are local to you and use their knowledge to provide your a detailed Home Buyers Survey.
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Fast Delivery

We normally have availability within days of you booking and our turnaround for HomeBuyers Reports is 5 working days.
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Panel of RICS
Building Surveyors

We have a panel of RICS Building Surveyors who are registered with and regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and have indemnity insurance that covers all of the work they undertake for you.

Home Buyers Survey

A HomeBuyers Report is general visual inspection for flats, new properties or bungalows of standard construction. Most leasehold flats should have a HomeBuyers Report, however the only exception are converted properties which may need a Building Survey.

A Mortgage Valuation Survey is not a HomeBuyers Survey

People have been known to confuse a mortgage valuation with a HomeBuyers Survey. This confusion can prove costly and end up in a home buyer having to fork out for expensive repair costs which should have been shared with the vendor with this reflected in a reduction in the original sale price. If you're buying a property in Ascot with a mortgage, your lender conducts its own mortgage valuation to calculate the value of the property and this is in no sense a report on structural defects.

A HomeBuyers Survey notes defects as well as including a full valuation of a property independently of the mortgage lender or anyone else. The information in it can be used to get quotes for the cost of fixing any issues and presents evidence for bargaining with the seller about sharing repair costs, if appropriate.
FREE Online Conveyancing Process for Buyers

Includes online checklists, videos, downloads and tips - plus it is completely free to use from start to finish and saves your progress along the way.

Home Buyers Survey - What does it cover?

A HomeBuyers Survey involves an examination of the structure of the inside and the outside of a property aimed at pinpointing issues such as subsidence, damp, cracks, infestation and damage. All home  buyer surveys are non-intrusive.

If the HomeBuyers Survey shows up any such problems, our appointed surveyor will explain to you what you should do to get more in-depth information about the type and scope of the matter and what is required to fix it.

If you are worried about any defects that you think your property in Ascot has, we strongly recommend you get a HomeBuyers Survey as the cost of remedying the problem might grow to many thousands of pounds as time progresses.
House Survey with Subsidence

Subsidence Inspection
The surveyor will look for signs of subsidence within the property paying special attention to signs of cracking internally and to the external walls. As a rule, if you can fit the width of a 50p into a crack in a wall, it could be a sign of subsidence. Our surveyors will flag in their reports if they feel you need to instruct a structural engineer to review a crack further.

HomeBuyers Report with Damp Testing

Damp Testing
There are numerous reasons why a property can be affected by damp. The Surveyor will take samples in the property using a damp meter and assess the condition of the property to provide a report on whether they feel the property is affected by damp. Further investigations maybe suggested including getting a damp and timber specialist.

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Identify Infestations
Woodworm, mice, rats and ants are infestations that your don't want in your home. Your surveyor will look for visible signs of mouse droppings, damage to floor boards (when visible) and damage to wiring, carpets or skirting boards

House Buyers Survey with Asbestos

Prior to its banned use, asbestos was a commonly used building material, particularly as part of cement products, floor tiles and roofing shingles. Asbestos was used for its durability and resistance to heat and is commonly found in artex ceilings, garage roofing and chimney stacks. Your surveyor will confirm if they suspect any materials in the property have asbestos and if so, suggest getting an asbestos surveyor to intrusively taking samples of the asbestos to confirm the type.