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We provide a wide variety of house surveys, RICS market valuations and level 2 & 3 home surveys available from 19/06/2024*, as well as:

Specialised surveys for damp & timber, asbestos, drains. Plus, structural engineers inspections for subsidence, building an extension, removing load bearing walls or chimney breasts.

"Competitively priced service, the agent I dealt with was very helpful. On the day of the survey itself, I received a call from the surveyor to run through his initial findings. The quality of the report produced was excellent, very detailed and thorough. If needed I will be using SAM Conveyancing's services again in the future for sure."
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National Coverage
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Panel of RICS Surveyors
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Same week availability*
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The importance
of getting a
house survey

What do they look for in a house survey?

In a house buying survey, they look for visual signs of defects and indicators of the condition of the property. For example:

What does a house survey include?

This depends on which house buyer survey you end up choosing. There are different types of house surveys you can get and we have hand selected some of the best surveyors in the field to work with. They provide a service we are prepared to put our name to. We have a number of different specialist surveyors who handle different types of surveys, which include:

A new build property suitable for a snagging survey from SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Snagging Survey?

Your surveyor will examine all aspects of the build and fabric of the property to check that it matches the plans and specifications which the developer set down for it and is generally finished to a high standard.

It will identify any visible defects such as cracked tiles, leaking plumbing and sloppy painting.

Toy houses on stacks of coins representing an independent current market valuation from SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a current market valuation?

A property valuation report will include a detailed analysis of factors which influence the market value of your house. For example, location, property condition and local market. Your surveyor will take notes and photographs and compile these into a valuation report for you. Providing an accurate and unbiased valuation for sale, buy-out, transfer or staircasing.

This valuation does not include a reinstatement value for insurance purposes.

Standard Construction house suitable for a Level 2 House Survey with SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Level 2 Home Survey?

A Level 2 House survey is a visual, non intrusive inspection of the inside and outside of the building and any permanent outbuildings. The surveyor won't lift up fitted carpets or boards, but will flag in their report if there is visible evidence to suggest there may be a hidden defect. It will give a detailed report on the overall condition of the property. It is not an exhaustive inspection and no tests are undertaken.

It includes a valuation as well as a reinstatement value for insurance purposes, which Level 3 does not.

Edwardian houses suitable for an a Level 3 House Survey with SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Level 3 Home Survey?

A Level 3 House survey is a more thorough and detailed inspection of the inside and outside of the building and any permanent outbuildings. The surveyor will spend much longer inspecting the property, with more consideration for the roof, grounds, floors and services.

They will aim to establish how the property is built, the materials used and how they are likely to perform in the future as well as outlining repair options and timelines as well as risks of not acting.

Is it worth getting a house survey?

Getting a property survey should be an essential part in the conveyancing process. This can reveal serious damages to the house you're interested in buying, therefore saving you thousands of pounds which you would otherwise have to pay for repairs. You can book different types of house surveys depending on your needs.

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Does the solicitor arrange a survey?

You are responsible for arranging the homebuyer surveys, so you will need to book them yourself. When you choose us, we handle all of the booking process for you. We have negotiated 'better than direct' fees with all of our panel surveyors, to save you money. Booking is easy, so when you are ready to instruct, complete this simple form or call us on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply).

During our call we'll discuss what your intentions are and which survey would better suit your style of property. We will then email you a competitively priced & fixed fee quote setting out the scope of work for the service chosen.

We take all of the property details including:

  • 1 Your full names and correspondence address;
  • 2 Property address;
  • 3 Type of property; and
  • 4 Estate agent or access details.

We then book in one of our surveyors on the earliest available date (normally the next working day*) or on a specific date of your choice. Our panel of RICS surveyors are all regulated by RICS and hold one of the following accreditations:

  • Associate RICS (AssocRICS)
  • Member RICS (MRICS)
  • Fellow RICS (FRICS)
Frequently Asked Questions

Home Buyers Survey

A HomeBuyers Report is general visual inspection for flats, new properties or bungalows of standard construction. Most leasehold flats should have a HomeBuyers Report, however the only exception are converted properties which may need a Building Survey.

A Mortgage Valuation Survey is not a HomeBuyers Survey

People have been known to confuse a mortgage valuation with a HomeBuyers Survey. This confusion can prove costly and end up in a home buyer having to fork out for expensive repair costs which should have been shared with the vendor with this reflected in a reduction in the original sale price. If you're buying a property in Ascot with a mortgage, your lender conducts its own mortgage valuation to calculate the value of the property and this is in no sense a report on structural defects.

A HomeBuyers Survey notes defects as well as including a full valuation of a property independently of the mortgage lender or anyone else. The information in it can be used to get quotes for the cost of fixing any issues and presents evidence for bargaining with the seller about sharing repair costs, if appropriate.

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