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We have hand selected to provide our clients with a home comparison tool where you can compare home insurance first time buyer quotes from 50 different insurance providers** including M&S, AXA and Hastings Direct. SAM Conveyancing is an approved partner of Quotezone, and this page is an advertisement for Quotezone. SAM Conveyancing does not provide or arrange insurance cover, but we may receive a commission for any policy you take with Quotezone after clicking on one of the links on this page. is a trading style of Seopa Ltd who are a limited company registered in Northern Ireland, Registered number: NI46322. Registered office: Seopa Ltd, 5th Floor Link Building, Adelaide Exchange, 24-26 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GD. Seopa Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered number is 313860.'s permitted business is insurance mediation as well as having permission for credit brokerage.

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SAM Conveyancing is an approved partner of Quotezone, and this page is an advertisement for Quotezone. SAM Conveyancing does not provide or arrange insurance cover, but we may receive a commission for any policy you take with Quotezone after clicking on one of the links on this page.

SAM Conveyancing is not regulated by the FCA and does not provide any insurance products nor can we provide any advice on different insurance products. Please liaise with your chosen insurance provider for any insurance advice.

Read on for SAM's information on home insurance

What insurance do I need as a first time buyer?

All freeholders who own their property and have a mortgage must have building insurance in place as a requirement of their mortgage. If you don't have in-date building insurance then your mortgage lender could exercise their right to repossess the property to protect their mortgage charge.

Leaseholders don't have to have buildings insurance because this is taken out by the freeholder as part of their duties for the leaseholders. Leaseholders choose to instead have contents insurance and cover the property for the parts the building insurance doesn't cover.

Is it worth having home insurance?

We understand that this is an expensive time and new homeowners will be reluctant to spend any more money if it's not necessary. If your property gets damaged or destroyed, you could lose both your investment and your home. To make matters worse, you'll still have to repay your mortage.

No matter how careful you are, you cannot protect against every external eventuality. However, you can still save yourself some money, compare quotes to get the cheapest first home insurance for the level of cover you require.

What types of insurance should be purchased when buying a house?

This is a general comparison between the two types of insurance, however, all policies are different and some exclusions may apply so read your policy carefully to see what is covered.
Building Insurance when house is on fire

What is included in Buildings Insurance?

Building insurance covers the building itself; the structure, fixtures and fittings, including the roof, windows, fitted bathrooms and kitchens. Most policies only include part cover for things such as roof repair, so make sure you check your policy thoroughly.

Buildings Insurance is mandatory to have if you have a mortgage. If you don't have a mortgage it is still advisable to have.

Contents Insurance for your stuff in the house

What is included in Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance covers any possessions you keep in your home, from your TV, to the art on the walls, to your clothes and jewellery. You may also find that it covers the wall paper, tiles and flooring that some building insurance excludes. Some policies also allow you to cover items taken outside of your home like laptops or mobiles.

Contents cover is not mandatory, however you are advised to have it.

Home Insurance Tips


Home insurance is often a Lender requirement

Buildings insurance is usually a condition of your mortgage, you'll usually get a better deal by comparing providers online, than taking the one offered by your lender.

home Insurance is a Lender Requirement

Avoid homelessness

In the case of a flood or a fire, your property might be uninhabitable for a while. Many home insurance policies include cover for alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Avoid Homelessness (Fire/Flood)

Consider the rebuild cost against the market value

If you over-estimate the cost to rebuild the property from scratch, you'll pay higher premiums than you need, but if you underestimate the rebuild value and your house is destroyed, you will have to fund the shortfall on the re-build yourself.

Re-build Cost Assessment found that 1/5 homeowners are over insured paying on average 20% more than they need to, with more than two thirds underinsured, many for less than 70% of the true rebuild cost. Could you afford to pay for 30% of the rebuild yourself?

Standard builds can use the BCIS Calculator, but non-standard, listed or higher quality builds will require an independent reinstatement cost assessment. This is included in our level 2 survey and an optional extra on our level 3 survey.

Rebuild Cost Assessment
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