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"Had an amazing service. Completed on a house sale in 28 days the quickest ever. Great communication and got the job done. I hope to do business with you again very soon."

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How much should a conveyancing solicitor cost?

Average fees differ depending on your service. Our fees are fixed and start from £723 INC VAT. As with any service, compare reviews. Read our top tips for comparing quotes and beware of too-good-to-be-true conveyancing solicitor's fees.

Is it better to have a local conveyancing solicitor?

You do not need a local conveyancer or solicitor for your purchase or sale. Most conveyancers (including all of our panel solicitors) can act for clients throughout England and Wales, and those who do are best set up for more convenient online services. Choosing a conveyancing solicitor based on experience and service is far better unless you specifically require in-person meetings.

At what stage should I instruct a conveyancing solicitor?

If you are buying using a mortgage, you must instruct a solicitor before you submit your mortgage application. That is because lenders will ask you to provide their details.

We discuss in detail at what point you should instruct your solicitor in our article - When to Instruct a Solicitor When Buying a House.

Why choose SAM Conveyancing?

Since we opened our doors in January 2014, we have helped over 30,000 clients move home using our hand-selected panel solicitors who specialise in conveyancing. We know how nerve-racking the process can be. The conveyancing executive who provides your quote will work alongside your solicitor to handle your case through to moving day.

So, you'll have one point of contact who knows exactly where you are in the process, and they'll even chase you, the agent and your solicitor to keep everything up to speed. Our tried and tested approach to conveyancing is rated Excellent on Trustpilot. We can solve any property challenge!

How long does average UK conveyancing take?

We offer a Premium Expedition Service if there is a specific timeframe of 28 days or under. Please let us know if you'd like to know more about this service and the additional fixed fee.

Every transaction is different; some are pre-set because they are auctions or a new build and require completion in 28 days. Often a transaction can only progress at the speed of the slowest party, such as the council or the seller and whatever pre-agreed timeframe will automatically extend as long as all parties are communicating. Communication is the most critical part and ensures all parties know the current position in the conveyancing process.

We handle all types of transactions, including auctions, new builds and long and short chains. You can read about the different timeframes for the conveyancing process here - How long does the conveyancing process take? and What can you do to speed up the process?.

How does the No Sale No Fee work?
How does the Fixed Fee work?
How does the No Sale No Fee work?

Do you have to pay solicitors fees if the sale falls through?

If your first purchase falls through, you don’t pay for any of the legal work completed on the transaction and your instruction deposit transfers to your next property. If the second property transaction falls through, then legal fees will be charged in proportion to the work undertaken.

The third transaction will require a further instruction deposit, and the Fixed Fee quote may change if the property price or tenure differ. Read our No Sale, No Fee Policy.
How does the Fixed Fee work?
Your quote includes all the legal work for your transaction based on what you have advised us. You will not pay any additional legal fees for the services specified beyond your fixed fee quote so long as the information you have provided is correct. Our Fixed Fee is tailored to your needs based on the above scope of work; however, you may choose to get some other legal work along the way.

We understand that sometimes additional needs pop up as you go, such as a Deed of Trust, a replacement mortgage offer, or even reviewing solar panel documents. Each of these services has fixed fees and can be added as needed by your request or your solicitor's recommendation. Read our Fixed Fee Policy.
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