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"Wonderful people. Thanks SAM! Really great experience. Just bought my dream house through SAM. I chose for them to take over the whole thing. I’m so pleased I did. Andrew exceeded my expectations by communicating with agents and solicitors up and down the chain. If I hadn’t had him it would have all fallen through. These are really great people."
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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I share property income in unequal shares

Joint tenants share the whole property, but tenants in common can own separate shares. If you are joint tenants you will first need to sever your joint tenancy and register as tenants in common. Then, tenants in common can execute a deed of trust to set out their beneficial interest split, as well as other intentions for the property.


What can I do if I have a property dispute?

If you have a dispute with the other owner(s), read our article on Joint Property Ownership Disputes and book a free consultation. Otherwise, read about suing the previous owner over misrepresentation, or boundary or party wall disputes


Can I gift my property to my child?

Our guide on gifting property outlines the different ways you can gift a property, as well as some risks to consider, including insolvency and care home fees avoidance which may void the transaction and capital gains tax (payable on the full market value if the property is not your primary residence) and inheritance tax (payable if you outlive the transaction by less that seven years).


What do I do if I don't have building control sign off?

We have written separate guides based on whether you are buying or selling. Depending on the works requiring building regs this could be a smaller or a much bigger issue. It could require an inspection from a structural engineer if your house surveyor is concerned the buildings structural integrity may be compromised, in which case the remedial costs could be substantial.


Do you offer indemnity insurance?

Indemnity insurance can protect you against Insolvency, adverse possession, restrictive covenants, chancel repair liability, or missing local authority search or building regulations. Your conveyancing solicitor must arrange your insurance and provide legal advise on the terms and risks of the policy.


What are the tax implications?

A main consideration for many property transactions is the tax implications. Many of our services can be used for better tax efficiency, while other common transactions incur tax liabilities. We recommend you speak to a tax advisor to weigh the costs and benefits of your various options. Contact us for an introduction to our recommended accountant.


Can you help with removals?

Our movers have national coverage, storage facilities, worldwide delivery and optional pack and rebuild services, plus insurance for your antiques and high value items. Your move is in safe hands with us. You can get a quote any time after the offer has been accepted and conveyancing is underway.


Can you help with building and contents insurance?

Our insurance provider allows you to compare up to 50 quotes for buildings and/or contents insurance. You will need a buildings insurance policy lined up to begin as soon as you exchange contracts. You can start comparing quotes as soon as you have a property in mind.

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Compare Sale Conveyancing Quotes
Compare Sale and Purchase Conveyancing Quotes
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Remortgage Process
Help To Buy Repayment Specialists
Lease Extension Solicitors Quote
Deed of Trust
Purchase of Freehold
Staircasing For Shared Ownership

Home Surveys
We strongly recommend you get a home survey when buying a property, or a simple valuation when making a transfer or extending a lease.

A new build property suitable for a snagging survey from SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Snagging Survey?

Your surveyor will examine all aspects of the build and fabric of the property to check that it matches the plans and specifications which the developer set down for it and is generally finished to a high standard.

It will identify any visible defects such as cracked tiles, leaking plumbing and sloppy painting.

Toy houses on stacks of coins representing an independent current market valuation from SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a current market valuation?

A property valuation report will include a detailed analysis of factors which influence the market value of your house. For example, location, property condition and local market. Your surveyor will take notes and photographs and compile these into a valuation report for you. Providing an accurate and unbiased valuation for sale, buy-out, transfer or staircasing.

This valuation does not include a reinstatement value for insurance purposes.

Standard Construction house suitable for a Level 2 House Survey with SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Level 2 Home Survey?

A Level 2 House survey is a visual, non intrusive inspection of the inside and outside of the building and any permanent outbuildings. The surveyor won't lift up fitted carpets or boards, but will flag in their report if there is visible evidence to suggest there may be a hidden defect. It will give a detailed report on the overall condition of the property. It is not an exhaustive inspection and no tests are undertaken.

It includes a valuation as well as a reinstatement value for insurance purposes, which Level 3 does not.

Edwardian houses suitable for an a Level 3 House Survey with SAM Conveyancing

What is included in a Level 3 Home Survey?

A Level 3 House survey is a more thorough and detailed inspection of the inside and outside of the building and any permanent outbuildings. The surveyor will spend much longer inspecting the property, with more consideration for the roof, grounds, floors and services.

They will aim to establish how the property is built, the materials used and how they are likely to perform in the future as well as outlining repair options and timelines as well as risks of not acting.

Specialist Surveys
Specialist Asbestos Survey from SAM Conveyancing
Specialist Chimney Breast Removal Survey from SAM Conveyancing
Specialist Damp and Timber Survey with SAM Conveyancing
Specialist Drain Survey from SAM Conveyancing
Specialist Load-Bearing Wall Survey from SAM Conveyancing
Specialist Subsidence Survey from SAM Conveyancing

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