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Insider Conveyancing Tips


Don’t set a deadline

Deadlines are rarely met and often lead to a stressful move. You can only control your side and can’t control the speed of the seller, their solicitor, the council or even the chain above. Have a goal in mind, but be ready to let it slide; otherwise, you’ll drive yourself up the wall! We tell you when each step has been actioned, what to expect, and what you need to do next.


Know who is in your chain

Finding out who is in your chain is paramount. Are you buying out of probate? Has the seller moved into a care home? Are they buying another property? Is there a new build at the top of the chain? Your side of the purchase can be delayed by any of these scenarios outside your control.

Chain - Best Conveyancing Tips #2 from SAM Conveyancing

Take agent pressure with a pinch of salt

The estate agent may pressure you to meet a faster deadline than is achievable. The best thing to do is stand your ground and push back. Threats of a new buyer or higher offers rarely pan out, and it is in everyone’s interest to focus on finishing off the final few weeks instead of starting over and waiting for another 12.

Salt Shaker. Best conveyancing tips #3 from SAM Conveyancing.
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How To Buy A House
Without Killing Anyone

This book could be the difference between every mover’s dream, buying and moving into your new home stress free, or, stress, missed deadlines, legal disasters, building defects, and possibly the collapse of the whole transaction. (Costing you a small fortune, a head full of grey hairs, and, driving you to threaten the life of your solicitor, lender, co-owners, family, partner, or some combination of all five).

With more than two decades’ experience in the conveyancing sector and over 50,000 successful client moves under his belt, Andrew shares insider tips and advice to empower you as a buyer, giving you the tools to make the best decisions for your circumstances and ease the chaos.

£9.99 (No VAT)
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Chapter 1
The Conveyancing Process Explained

Use the interactive checklist - Managing The Property Chain

Why does buying a house make you want to kill someone? · Who are the players in the game? · Is a mortgage valuation a defect survey? · What is a chain? · Why does it take so long? · What are the different types of affordable housing?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 2
How To Get Your Offer Accepted

Use the interactive table guide - Market Research & our online tool - How To Make An Offer On A House

What can you afford? · How to save a ‘big enough’ deposit · How to find a property to buy · How do you make a Winning Offer? · What if they don’t accept your offer? · What happens if the bank undervalues the property?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 3
Instruct A Solicitor

Do I have to use a solicitor? · Should I use a solicitor or a conveyancer – what’s the difference? · How do I choose the best conveyancing solicitor? · What are the costs of buying a house? · What happens after I instruct a solicitor?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 4
How Are You Financing The Purchase?

Overview of the mortgage process · How to get a mortgage · Should I secure a fixed rate for 2 or 5 years? · Should I secure a mortgage for 25, 30, 35 or 40 years? · What do you do once you get a mortgage offer? · How do you sign a mortgage deed? · Can a mortgage offer be rescinded?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 5
Are There Any Defects with My Property?

What are the different types of surveys? · How much do property defects cost to fix? · How do I renegotiate?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 6
Conveyancing Searches

What are conveyancing searches? · When should I order my searches? · How long do searches take to come back? · I need to exchange but I don’t have my local authority search back - What can I do? · Which searches are mandatory for my mortgage lender? · I’m a cash buyer, do I need searches?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 7
Contracts And Enquiries

What are draft contracts? · What are enquiries? · What enquiries are deal breakers? · No reply, get indemnity insurance? · What are reasonable times to wait for stuff to get done? · What is the most efficient way to get an update? · How do you protect yourself when buying with someone else?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 8
Exchange Of Contracts

Use the interactive checklist - Exchange Of Contracts

What do I need to sign? · What happens if the purchase falls through? · What is exchange of contracts? · What happens if I pull out after exchange? · How long between exchange and completion? · Can I get access between exchange and completion? · Hire a van or get removals? · When should you walk away from the purchase?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 9
The Day Of Completion

Use the interactive checklist - Completion Day

What happens the day before completion? · What happens on completion day? · What can cause a delay? · What happens if you complete the next working day? · Seller has left junk in the garage, what can I do?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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Chapter 10
You're No Longer A First-Time Buyer, Now What?

Use the interactive checklist - First Day In Your Home

Day 1 in your own home · What does my solicitor do after completion? · Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours! · What happens next? · What happens if I can’t afford to repay my mortgage?

Available on Amazon | Kindle | Paperback

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