Service Pledge

Our service pledge to you

We work hard to ensure you have the best service experience when working with us and our service providers. If at any point you feel that this is not the case then please call us immediately and let us make sure we get things back on track for you.

    A service with 100% honesty and integrity
We value you and will always aim to deliver a service to you with 100% honesty and integrity. We take this very seriously and all of our team have regular training to ensure we never let this slip.

    Communication is key
Keeping you informed throughout the process is imperative and we pride ourselves on high levels of communication.

  • Communication by phone - provide you with our direct dial numbers and when you ring we pick up the phone within 2 rings. You can call us anytime during office hours for to ask a question. If the person you want to speak to is on another call or busy, then another member of the team will help you.
  • Communication by email - if you can't find the time to call, then you can email us directly or to We'll make sure someone comes back to you within 24 hours (although most emails are replied to by the team within 30 minutes of receipt).

    Extended opening hours
During your home move you may struggle to find time during a busy working day to call us. This is why we are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 1pm on Saturday.

If you have an emergency outside of our working hours then you can call Andrew Boast on 07932 679067. As the business owner he will do what he can to help you.

    Fully Trained, fully prepared
We have many years of collective experience working within the conveyancing sector and have helped 1,000s of people like you move home. This is what we do and we love it. If you need any help please call us and let us help you.

    Competitive prices
We have negotiated better than direct prices with all of our service providers. We keep the costs down for you without the loss of our trusted service.

    You get your own SAM team member
Whether you require a CQS Solicitor for conveyancing or a RICS Surveyor for surveying you have your own SAM team member looking after you from the moment you instruct right through until you complete.

    We guarantee to always help you where we can
Conveyancing is stressful and we cannot guarantee there won't be hurdles along the way. What we do guarantee is to be on hand to offer guidance and support when you need throughout the whole move.

What we expect from you

It is important that we work together and have a good working relationship during the delivery of your service which is why we set out what we are going to need from you.

    100% honesty
We rely upon what you tell us which is why it is so important that what you tell us is 100% correct to the best of your knowledge. If at any point during the conveyancing transaction we find you have not been 100% honest then we reserve the right to disengage from providing you with the instructed service.

    Zero tolerance to abuse
We understand that moving home can be a very difficult and stressful time for you which is why our team work so hard to help you. If at anytime a member of our team encounters abuse from you, whether verbal, physical or written then we reserve the right disengage from providing you with the instructed service. Abuse includes (but not limited to):

  • Using bad language or swearing at our team;
  • Any physical violence;
  • Racial abuse and sexual harassment;
  • Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to our team or service providers are not acceptable; and
  • Bullying or threatening comments.

There is no excuse for abuse towards any member of our team or any of our service providers. We will disengage immediately if this happens regardless of how far progressed your conveyancing transaction is. You can read our Client Communication Policy, for more information.

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