Roof Survey Cost: Is it worth getting?

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Roof survey – when you’re looking at buying a property, you should always consider the state of its roof: if it has any problems and they’re not corrected, you can end up paying £1,000s to fix later.

A roof survey will give you the knowledge you need to stop any issues from snowballing.

NB SAM Conveyancing does not at present sell roof surveys - this article is for information only.

It always pays to get a home buyers survey to check out a home you’re interested in buying, because you’re hiring the experience of a qualified RICS surveyor to inspect the roof to see if there’s any evidence of issues. 

The surveyor will look at the roof and, if there’s access, check the attic for further evidence. If they spot any problems, they’ll flag them up in their report and if they need to, recommend a roofing specialist to conduct a roof survey.

If you find that roof problems are extensive and expensive to repair, you can bargain with the vendor about remedy costs or even choose to pull out of a sale.

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What is inspected in a roof survey?

  • Guttering, rainwater systems - estimate expected lifespan; check for blockages, damages, cracks, leaking joints, leaking unions, other problems.
  • Chimney stacks - check brickwork and mortar condition, look for loose chimney pots, worn flaunching and examine flashings, type and condition.
  • Roof covering - estimate age and expected lifespan, condition comparable to similar properties and examine for leaks.
  • Ridge Tiles - ridge tile and mortar condition and ridge iron check.
  • Valleys and gulleys - estimate expected lifespan, check for fatigue splits, poor repairs and mortar condition.
  • Flat roofs - check condition, examine roof covering and decking for soft spots, estimate expected lifespan.
  • Roof windows and skylights - check installation quality and flashing, looked for cracked glass and fogging of units.
  • Dormer roofs - check covering and condition, estimate expected lifespan.
  • Roof structure - checks (external and internal) for roof sag and spread, Purlin support and condition, internal light, condensation issues, ventilation, wall plates, tie bars and condition.
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Will a roof specialist get up a ladder as part of a roof survey?

Yes! They need to look at the roof and structures up close to do a proper inspection.

What’s the cost of a roof survey?

The price of a roof survey depends on how big a property’s roof is. Prices start from around £150 for a terraced house, rising to around £300 and upwards for a large detached house. As roof repairs generally cost around £200 - £300 to fix, a survey is almost an investment because of money you’ll probably save in repairs in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have found or suspect issues with your roof, you should get a roof survey. As with most house problems, the sooner you identify and repair the issue, the less it will cost you. Any structural issues could pose a serious risk to your safety if you bury your head in the sand.

If you are buying a new property, a homebuyers report or building survey should flag any concerns with your roof. In most cases you wouldn't need to book a specialist roof survey unless a concern is raised during your initial survey.
A roof survey is a specialist survey carried out to detect leaks, ingress, rot, asbestos, pooling, points of failure, condition of materials including tiles or felt, chimney stability and more.
Your RICS surveyor will get on the roof and also check the attic if there is access. It is not as comprehensive as a specialist roof survey but should flag-up any causes for concern that may require the opinion of a specialist.
A RICS surveyor will look at the roof (and the attic, if there is access) and check it using their standard surveyors equipment.

A specialist roof survey will be conducted by a roofing contractor who will get on the roof and will have higher tech tools to check the roof, which may include electronic leak detectors, moisture probes and thermal roof surveys which use infra-red to detect anomalies in the heat signature of the roof.
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