Do surveyors check for Japanese knotweed in garden doing RICS survey
Do you need a Japanese knotweed survey?
Our RICS surveyors inspect the property and grounds for Japanese knotweed as part of the Level 2 or Level 3 Home Buyer Surveys.

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Do surveyors check for Japanese knotweed?

(Last Updated: 07/07/2022)
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A RICS surveyor will report any visible signs of Japanese knotweed during a RICS home buyers survey. In the Level 2 Home Survey Report the RICS surveyor comment in section I2 Risks to the grounds.

The RICS surveyor should report on any visible signs within the grounds of the property, although if they can see the weed in a neighbouring property they may inform you if this was visible.

What is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a tall, fast-growing Japanese plant of the dock family and has bamboo-like stems and small white flowers. It was originally brought to the UK, in the mid-19th century, because of its beauty - with red stems and deep green leaves - but it has become a scourge for home owners.

It can grow up to 20cm every day and its roots can go down to 3m deep. It can grow through concrete and tarmac and it has no natural predators. It swamps other plants, denying them light. Although it produces no seeds, it can grow from the tiniest fragments of rhizomes, which are the underground network of stems and roots.

Japanese knotweed survey

If your RICS survey identifies that the property has Japanese knotweed, either in the ground or close to it then you should get a Japanese knotweed inspection from a company that will:

    confirm if the weed is in fact Japanese knotweed; and

Japanese knotweed report heatmap

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