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(Last Updated: 24/01/2022)
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We're delighted to present to you a unique new Japanese Knotweed tracking tool which has been developed by knotweed experts Environet UK, providing an interactive online heatmap of sightings across the UK.

Japanese Knotweed Heatmap

This is a valuable resource for property professionals involved in residential transactions, including conveyancing solicitors, developers and surveyors, as well as those looking to purchase a property concerned about Japanese Knotweed.

The Japanese knotweed map has already been populated with thousands of sightings by Environet, which has operated in the residential and commercial knotweed remediation sector for more than twenty years, with new sightings being uploaded daily following blanket press coverage of the launch including this piece in the Mail Online

The only live tool of its kind, Exposed allows users to search for Japanese knotweed by postcode to discover the number of reported knotweed infestations nearby, with hotspots clearly visible in yellow or red.

Search for Japanese knotweed by postcode

    Type in your postcode into the search bar
    You'll be taken to the location in the UK and informed of the number of sightings for example "There are 21 reported knotweed occurrences within 4km of SL5 0NN"

Where a high number of knotweed sightings appear nearby, a simple site survey can ascertain whether knotweed is present, or if not visible, the risk of it being present. In either case a treatment or monitoring programme can be provided with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, the minimum requirement of most banks and building societies for lending on knotweed affected property.

Nic Seal, Founder and MD of Environet, who created Exposed, said:

“This heatmap will enable us to build a nationwide picture of the Japanese knotweed problem and help property and legal professionals to assess the risk locally. The site is already well populated, but this is an ongoing project. The more people who report sightings, the more effective it will become."

How to report a sighting of Japanese knotweed

You can also report sightings of Japanese knotweed within the heatmap tool.

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