Adam Ford

Experienced building surveyor in Guildford Adam Ford MRICS provides detailed survey reports throughout Guildford and the surrounding area. His attention to detail and expert knowledge delivers a report you can rely upon during the purchase of your property or in the development of a property you own.

Adam provides RICS HomeBuyer Reports and has surveyed hundreds of different types of property. He has extensive knowledge of properties in the areas he has surveyed and a particularly detailed knowledge of the Guildford, Woking, Wokingham and Ascot areas.

About Adam Ford



Date Qualified:
May 2008
Areas Covered:
Guildford and surrounding area

Adam provides the following RICS survey services

  • Market Valuations
  • Commercial Building Surveys
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Lease Extensions
  • Rental Valuations

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Know what causes subsidence

There are several tell tale signs of subsidence:

  • Dense areas of clay soil – after prolonged dry spells the water table can drop and movement can occur
  • Trees and bushes – Roots grow into foundations and unsettle the building; especially in an area with clay soil (the closer they are the worse it can be)
  • Water leakages – A broken water pipe can wash away soil from the foundations
  • Mining – Some properties in a mining area can get subsidence

If you are worried about subsidence, your RICS surveyor will check for signs of it and note them in their home buyer survey report.

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