Jack Meadowcroft

Jack is our resident Content Writer here at SAM, bringing a wealth of experience in Marketing, Content, and Film with him. If you need anything written or proof-read at a rapid speed and high quality, he's your guy

He works closely with the Digital Marketing team to create content, optimise our website, and supports with our podcast too

With a hands-on, can-do attitude, Jack hopes to use his writing skills and exceptional attention to detail within the Legal Services sector

In his spare time, Jack supports his beloved football team Hereford FC, loves to watch and critique films, and smashes out some video games for good measure.


I don't and have never owned a home, unfortunately! I currently rent with my partner but I'm hopeful that in the coming years, and with the help of SAM, I can finally step foot on the property ladder

I'd be happier with a flat rather than a house, especially with the housing prices nowadays, and my tendency to be more of a minimalist

Having rented for most of my adult life, though, eventually setting down some roots somewhere and being able to have a place to fully call my own is the dream!