Jo Welch

Every efficient team needs a first class Operations Manager and Jo performs this function for us with panache.

From ensuring that new clients are connected properly with all the requisite parties to chasing down errant property searches as well as harnessing the multiple - but differing - talents of our sales team, Jo handles these matters with consummate ease and a cool head.

The operation at SAM Conveyancing is a highly-varied thing: no two days are the same in our offices but Jo ensures continuity of our exactingly high levels of service to our clients, come rain or shine.

Jo has also taken on the mantle of training new staff in our methods and has shown a great, nurturing side appreciated by all.

    Jo Welch Photo at SAM Conveyancing


    "I remember moving into the house I live in at present and how happy I was once the last removal van had gone and the kettle had boiled!"

    "Young people have a real struggle on their hands when it comes to their living spaces - you hear of so many college leavers moving back in with their folks - and many find they can't afford to live in the area they grew up in."

    "I'm pleased to work with SAM Conveyancing because I know the team spares no energy in looking after the needs of our clients and nothing pleases us more than when people have successfully moved into their new places."