Laura Cristian

Laura is an Advertising graduate who recently joined the SAM Conveyancing team.

As a student, she explored multiple career paths, before finally focusing on Digital Marketing. As a result, she possesses a diverse (but useful) set of skills. She has a solid understanding of:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Laura prides herself in being a fast learner and a problem solver, with one of her top strengths being: “figuring out how things work”. Because of that, she is confident that anything she is faced with, she will be able to solve.

Laura is enthusiastic about the creative potential of the industry, but also finds joy in the more straightforward side of it. She will do the research, find the best keywords and organise everything she can.

As a Digital Marketing Assistant she is driven to help create and optimize the most engaging content.
Laura Cristian - Digital Marketing Assistant - Meet the team - SAM Conveyancing


"I've never really given that much thought to buying my own house before. I assumed I would only be able to afford one once I reached a later stage in my life."

"I grew up in an apartment, so I would always be really excited to visit my grandmother in the countryside. It's made me dream of having my own cozy house with a little garden."

"I hope to get the best tips and benefit from the knowledge of the SAM Conveyancing team. Maybe in the future I can make that dream come true."