Philip Glowinski

Philip Glowinski MSc provides structural engineer and structural surveyor services throughout the area of Bristol and the South West of England in general. As an Associate Engineer, he is highly experienced in running small to medium mostly residential and refurbishment projects, working with architects and contractors from the feasibility stages to detailed design including temporary works on projects where flexibility and attention to detail is paramount.

He works for TZG Partnership, which has been in existence for 25 years and is a family business, spanning three generations.

Whether he is being consulted about removal of a chimney breast or a load bearing wall or handling matters of planning permission and building control for a loft extension, you can be sure that any project he takes on is handled with skill and efficiency.

About Philip Glowinski

Areas Covered: 
London, Bristol, the South East and South West of England (offices in London and Bristol).

Philip can also help you with other structural engineer services

  • Subsidence Surveys
  • Chimney Breast Removal
  • Load Bearing Wall identification and removal
  • Loft Conversion Drawings
  • Property Extension Drawings

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Make sure you provide any existing drawings and a photograph of the property your project applies to!

A structural engineer, as with all construction professionals, can tell many things from a photograph of a building and can work more quickly, depending on the project, if you already have either estate agents' drawings or, for example, those produced by an interior designer. They do not have to be as detailed as architects' drawings.

A photograph can even be derived from a Google Maps picture; regardless, a picture will help a structural engineer when making an initial assessment.