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How does it work?

We have hand selected a mortgage broker to provide mortgage advice to our clients looking to either buy a property or refinance a property they already own. Whether you are a first time buyer or a buy to let landlord, the mortgage broker will be able to help give you the support you need. The next steps are:

    Complete above form
    Book a meeting time
    Meeting takes place to discuss your requirements

You can see a list of the mortgage brokers who we work with by clicking here - SAM Conveyancing Panel of Mortgage Brokers. All mortgage services are provided by a third party mortgage broker who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. SAM Conveyancing does not provide mortgage advice.

What happens during your meeting?

The mortgage advisor discusses with your your requirements and reviews your financial position to assess what mortgages are available based on your circumstances. Further evidence will be required for a formal mortgage application such as pay slips and proof of funds.

* How does the Free Mortgage Consultation work?

SAM Conveyancing has negotiated a FREE Mortgage Consultation with all our panel of Mortgage Brokers. This allows you a free mortgage consultation to discuss your specific requirements and provide mortgage opportunities for the Service being requested. If you want to proceed with a formal mortgage application through your Mortgage Broker, then a mortgage application fee maybe payable. If there is a fee to pay for your mortgage application, it will be explained to you at the point of discussing your mortgage options.

You can disengage the services of your Mortgage Broker prior to making a formal application and no fee will be levied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgage brokers, much like solicitors, used to be found in your local area however now you will most likely work with the broker linked to your estate agent/developer or an online mortgage broker.

Which? completed a survey of 3,000 mortgage holders and 8% of them used an online mortgage broker, or 'robo adviser', such as Habito or Trussle. You can add to these London and Country (L&C) who is now topping many online search terms. You can google to find the best mortgage brokers based on Trustpilot or Google reviews.

Nowadays the movement to online will see this number increase as applicants are more and more comfortable applying for a mortgage online, instead of sat face to face in an office. It is likely though that face time will be used via Skype and Zoom in future mortgage applications to offer the complete feeling of a personal experience with a physical person.

The selling agent or the developer often have a broker they work with and it is understandable why you'd work with them. All of you want to see you can get a mortgage. Whilst you'll want a solicitor who is independent to the agent protecting your interests, with a mortgage broker, all you want is to get the mortgage offer so whoever can get it to you as easily as possible is often the best choice.

The issue with using a referred mortgage advisor is if there is an issue or delay getting the mortgage - if the agent or developer chase then they will know you are having problems getting your mortgage. This is why having an independent mortgage advisor can protect you whilst you overcome the challenge as they are not obliged to inform the agent/developer of any issues.

Our panel of mortgage brokers can offer a variety of mortgages including:

  • First time buyer mortgages (residential)
  • Buy to let mortgages (company and personal)
  • Self-employed mortgages
  • Mortgages for Non-UK residents
  • Mortgages for Non-UK citizens

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