Property Search Referrals

We act as agent in ordering the property searches for your Property and introduce you to CLS Property Insight Limited ('Search Company') to obtain searches for your property. You pay us for the cost charged by the Search Company and we order your searches and pay the money in full to the Search Company.

You are deemed to have accepted the introduction to work with our introduced Search Company upon receipt of the payment for the survey. You are bound by the Search Company's Terms and Conditions and these are view-able here - CLS - Terms and Conditions. If you want to cancel you can do so following our Cancellation Procedure below. The Search Company acts independently to us to provide you with Property Searches.

You will be provided with time frames for when your Property searches will be delivered back to you. All Property Searches are returned by email, not in hard copy.

We are not a Property Search Provider, and don’t complete any of the Services in obtaining and delivering Property Searches for you. We do not take any responsibility for nor accept any liability in relation to the service provided by the Search Company.

About You (the 'Client')
Your Property Searches are ordered based on the property address you provide so if the information you provide is incorrect or changes please let us know so we can provide you with an amended Property Search. If the Property Searches have already been ordered you may have to pay to get new searches. We can only provide property search services in England and Wales. 

Once ordered you can only cancel searches that have not yet been returned to our Search Company or that the local authority don't levy a fee for cancelling. If a search can be cancelled the refund will be paid to you less any costs incurred by the Search Company.

About Us
Share a Mortgage Ltd, trading as SAM Conveyancing, is a company registered in England and Wales registration No. 08798475. You can contact us by email at and we aim to respond to you on the same day.

Updated: 17:16 Wednesday 11th November 2020