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Top tips for a Finsbury Park Home Buyers Survey

There are many styles of property to be seen in and around Finsbury Park. Queens Drive has some excellent Georgian properties and there are numerous Victorian properties of many types, such as the very large terraced houses in Stapleton Hall Road, the detached houses in Courtney Road and the semi-detached houses in Mount View Road.

There are numerous 20th century properties in the area also, including much of the estate to the south of the Arena Shopping Park. You can find many council and ex-council houses in the Andover Estate which dates back to the late 1930s, however much of the property was built between 1973 and 1979. It contains three large uniquely designed triangular buildings rise into the sky on the estate, named Didbin, Noll and Docura Houses respectively, after local architects.

There are a fair number of new developments in the area also.

HomeBuyers Report Finsbury Park
 HomeBuyers Survey Finsbury Park
Home Buyers Survey Finsbury Park

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A Local Authority Search can reveal that a property you're looking to buy might be affected by planned or ongoing road, rail and traffic schemes.

A recent such search, taken out for a property in Pavilion Mews, London N4 3QA revealed that the property was in an area that would be affected by the Crossrail 2 scheme.

Such schemes can cause noise and other pollution while being constructed and can have unpredictable effects on property values.
A RICS HomeBuyers Report can greatly increase your and your conveyancer's knowledge of a property you're thinking of buying and it can, for example, prompt your solicitor to carry out further enquiries where there are any suspicions or queries arising.

A recent such survey, carried out on a property in Moray Road, Finsbury Park N4 3LG, stated the following:

"The replacement roof work would have required Local Authority consents and approvals (see Section 11 – Regulations). Your Legal Adviser should make further enquiries in this regard and confirm that adequate means of support are in place."

An Environmental Search considers many important factors which might affect the land surrounding a property you're looking to buy..

A recent such survey, carried out on a property in Ilex House, Crouch Hill, London N4 4BY, revealed that there was a moderate risk of ground instability from natural factors within 50 metres of the property.

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Listed Building Surveyors Finsbury Park

We have local RICS surveyors who specialise in listed building surveys in Finsbury Park. To find out more go to - Listed Building Surveys - Building Surveyor and Survey Cost in Finsbury Park

N4 2AB

Finsbury Park Planning Application Search

You can review what planning applications have been granted or denied for properties in your area by contacting London Borough of Islington Council at 222 Upper St, London N1 1XR, telephone 020 7527 2000, or you can check for the most recently stored planning applications online here:

Read the following article if you are thinking about building an extension.

Home Buyers Survey in and around Finsbury Park

Our Building Surveyors specialise in the local area and have completed house surveys in Harringay, Stroud Green, Holloway, Highbury, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill and Woodberry Down.

We employ only expert RICS Building Surveyors to undertake Home Buyers Surveys in Finsbury Park. Whether you are buying an old run down 'doer upper' or standard construction freehold house, our RICS surveyors have seen them all.

With a vast number of years of experience completing surveys on properties in Finsbury Park we'll be able to give you the detailed Finsbury Park HomeBuyers report that you will need to know and what defects there are with your property.

Home Buyers Survey Finsbury Park

Recently completed surveys near you:

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Home Buyers Survey Finsbury Park

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Our Building Surveyor uses their local knowledge of Finsbury Park to ensure they deliver a detailed homebuyers report to help you decide whether you should move forward with your home move or if you should pull out.

Home Buyers Survey Finsbury Park

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We normally have availability within days of you booking and our turnaround for homebuyers survey reports is within 5 working days.

Finsbury Park HomeBuyers Survey

Panel of RICS Surveyors

Ranging from 10 to 40 years all of our chartered RICS Surveyors are registered with and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and have indemnity insurance that covers all of the work they undertake in a Home Buyers Survey in Finsbury Park.

Home Buyers Survey - What does it cover?

A RICS Home Buyers Survey non-intrusively inspects both the external and internal structure of a property for matters which include; damp, subsidence, infestations, cracks and damage.

The goal of the Home Buyers Survey, whether the Building Survey (which used to be known as a Full Structural Survey) or the HomeBuyers Report, is to provide reassurance when buying a home and this is the case if you are considering buying a property in Finsbury Park.

NB If you're a first time buyer, you might wish to click on What is a House Survey to find out more, including what happens during the inspection.

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The Home Buyer Survey will report on issues found, however you need to make sure that you choose the right Home Buyer Survey for your property because some defects require further detail and this is best served by booking a Building Survey.

You can find a local RICS surveyor by using the search at the bottom RHS of this page.
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What happens if your surveyor finds signs of damp?

If your RICS surveyor flags issues with damp during your defect survey then your next course of action is to contact a damp specialist. The damp surveyor will inspect internal and external walls and floorboards for visible signs of moisture using something called a moisture meter. Finally the surveyor will take a sample of the porous material by drilling into the wall, to see how damp it is.

If you are carrying out the damp survey as part of your due diligence before you buy the property, it is reasonable to ask the seller to cover the costs in your negotiations as the damp will have been worsening during the current owner's tenancy.