What is a Local Authority Search?

The local authority search is the most important of the main property searches that mortgage lenders expect those buying a home with a mortgage to buy to examine potential threats that might affect the property.

What are the turn around times for a local search

Councils have different turnaround times for the delivery of a local authority search ranging from 3 days to 25 days.

Download turnaround times by local authority

The local authority search examines matters such as local land charges (including, for example, tree preservation orders) and details on planning applications relevant to the property, restrictions on permitted development, road schemes and contaminated land. All information is derived from the local authority.

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There are two types of local authority search:

  • Regulated Personal Local Authority Search
  • Official Local Authority Search

All information that you need for peace of mind is contained in the personal search, the only difference is that the personal search is written by search companies with information obtained from the relevant local authority. The official local authority search differs in that it is compiled directly by the local authority. It can also be more expensive.

Some mortgage lenders stipulate that you are only able to satisfy their conditions if you buy an official local authority search - see the following list. It must be noted also that this search, whether premium or official, takes the longest to send back making it worthwhile to book as early as possible in the process.

Click on regulated personal or official local search? to find out more about the differences between these two conveyancing searches.

List of mortgage lenders who require an official local authority search:

  • Banks and Clients Plc
  • Buckinghamshire Building Society
  • DB UK Bank Ltd
  • Fleet Mortgages
  • GE Money Home Lending Ltd (has withdrawn from the UK mortgage market)
  • Leek United Building Society
  • Loughborough Building Society
  • Mortgage Agency Services
  • Nedbank Private Wealth Ltd
  • New Street Mortgages
  • Paragon Mortgages Ltd
  • Paratus AMC Ltd
  • Parity Trust
  • Penrith Building Society
  • Pepper Homeloans
  • Platform (a trading name of The Co-Operative Bank Plc)
  • Stafford Railway Building Society
  • State Bank of India UK

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What’s in a Local Authority Search?

The main sections are:

  • A list of relevant entries in the Local Charges Register (includes e.g. tree preservation and smoke control orders)
  • Information on planning applications relevant to the property (granted or refused)
  • Building control history
  • Any enforcement action
  • Restrictions on permitted development
  • Nearby road schemes
  • Contaminated land
  • Radon gas information

You can ask additional questions relating to public rights of way, areas of outstanding beauty, pipeline and pollution notices, or town/village greens. This is called a Con29 Optional form or a "Con29o".

What is a land charges search example

How is this detailed information presented

The initial section is headed ‘information for conveyancers’ – this makes it easy for your conveyancing solicitor to absorb the most important facts revealed. Then the information is examined in more depth and then there is a shorter summary section for you to read. Your conveyancing solicitor is able to examine the considerable detail further if it requires investigation.

How long does it take to return?

This search takes the longest to return and you can normally expect to wait between 10 and 14 days to receive it – this makes it very important to book early if you wish to give yourself the best chance of speeding up your conveyancing process.

Why is it so important?

Not only does the report examine issues such as preservation and control orders, which if there are any, might seriously impact on your enjoyment of your property, but it also flags up other potential areas of concern which your conveyancing solicitor might advise you to investigate further. For example, subsidence, energy and infrastructure and radon issues may be indicated.

What if the information is incorrect?

If any of the information is found to be incorrect and this subsequently causes you loss or harm, all search companies and the local authorities have indemnity insurance for millions of pounds in case this happens.

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