Subsidence Survey for Subsidence Cracks

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A subsidence survey, or report, also known as a Homecheck Mining and Subsidence Report, informs you if your property is in an area affected by subsidence due to soil shrinkage.

Subsidence is one of the greatest risks to properties and is the fear of many a home owner as the costs to repair can be in the tens of thousands.

Our structural engineers can carry out a specialist subsidence survey to determine whether the property is affected.

Specialist Subsidence Structural Engineers - Fixed Fees - National Cover

You can read more about subsidence and signs of subsidence here - What is subsidence?

A subsidence survey is often flagged by solicitors as a requirement during the conveyancing process because it has been highlighted within the Environmental Report in the Ground Stability Section.

This is not full confirmation that you have subsidence, only that there are man-made factors or natural factors which might affect the property in terms of its stability. 

Factors are considered within 25 metres and within 25-250 metres of the property. 

Risks are flagged up as before at the start of the report as ‘Identified’. Mortgage Lenders take subsidence very seriously and if they suspect that your property has any signs of subsidence then they may not lend you the money until the issue is addressed.

What is in a Subsidence Report?

Subsidence Survey for Cracks. Click and Read example from SAM Conveyancing
  • Overall risk assessment
At the top of the report, in very large font size, is an overall opinion of your property's level of subsidence risk, from low to very high risk

  • Professional opinion
This next section explains in greater detail why your property has been given its risk rating. It further explains subsidence itself and then suggests ways in which you take actions to lessen your personal risk.

  • Detailed Subsidence Information
This section gives you an in-depth definition of subsidence and lists not just the main causes but many other indirect factors which may encourage the problem. The details provided can give you a greater number of points to consider when viewing any property you are considering buying.

  • Information about remedial work
This section explains what you should do if you have concerns about subsidence and, if it is found that a property has it, what certification any remedial work has to have to be regarded as legally acceptable.

  • Guide to high/very high risk ratings
This section makes clear that the report and its subsidence risk rating is essentially based on postcodes; an estimated 30% of postcodes in England and Wales have a high or very high risk. It explains what further checks you should carry out on the property to greater assess its risk, even if its postcode rating is high/very high.

Frequently Asked Questions

500 metres radius from the property.
A subsidence survey costs £21.60.
It is emailed within 24 hours of ordering.
No it doesn't. If you are looking for a definitive assessment of whether your property has subsidence then you need to instruct a structural engineer to attend your property and complete an appropriate assessment.
Book a subsidence survey as soon as possible. Early signs are 3mm cracks in walls, sticking doors or windows and rippling wallpaper.
If subsidence is confirmed, you will likely need a structural engineer to assess the extent of the issue. They will recommend if and how you can fix subsidence. It may be as simple as removing a tree, but in more extreme cases you will have to underpin the building.

We have a nationwide network of structural engineers. Call 0333 344 3234 if you want to organise an inspection to your property.

Competitive Fees - MCIOB Qualified - Complete Project Management - Fast Bookings: or call 0333 344 3234

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