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Environmental Search Report

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An Environmental Search Report is one of the most common additional property searches a buyer obtains during the conveyancing process; and you can see why with the number of potential defects it highlights. 

What is the environmental search?

The focus of the report is to highlight environmental risks which affect your property and the surrounding area (radius size varies depending on the defect reported).

Environmental risks included within the Landmark Environmental Report include:
  • Contaminated Land;
  • Flood;
  • Energy and Infrastructure;
  • Ground Stability;
  • Radon; and
  • Other Influential Factors.

A large number of mortgage Lenders do require you to book an Environmental Report. You can find out if this is a requirement by visiting the Council for Mortgage Lenders website and checking the CML Handbook.

Find out today if your home is at risk - Order your Environmental Report by calling 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply) or email help@samconveyancing.co.uk.

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What environmental risks does an environmental search report cover?

Contamination risk

An environmental search report firstly flags up whether the property is situated on contaminated land and gives the result ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’ as an overall assessment.

This is the most important part of the report. The assessment is made by considering the following factors, whose data is drawn from the Environment Agency and the relevant local authority:

  • Designated Contaminated Land;
  • Landfill and Waste;
  • Potentially Contaminative Activities;
  • Known Pollution Incidents; and
  • Other Potential Contaminative Land Uses

Risks are considered within different radii from the site of the property, including 0-25 metres, 25-250 metres and 250-500 metres. These radii are also used for the next section, ‘Flood Findings’.


This section considers data about risks of flooding and is broken down further into the report into six sections:

  • River flooding;
  • Coastal Flooding;
  • Surface Water Flooding;
  • National Flood Risk Assessment;
  • Historic Flood Events; and
  • Groundwater Flooding.

If the flood findings report risks which are of concern to you, you would be well advised to buy an in-depth Flood Risk Report property search.

The greater detail in this report deals with matters such as whether you would be likely to get buildings insurance on standard terms or not. Your conveyancing solicitor can advise you further in these circumstances.

Should there be any risks of flooding then the report says ‘Identified’ (the opposite is ‘None Identified’), explains what the risk is and whether further action should be taken.

Energy and Infrastructure

Factors such as HS2, energy exploration, solar or wind farms will be identified within the vicinity of the property.

Ground Stability

This part of the report considers whether there are any Man-made factors; or Natural Factors which might affect the property in terms of its stability. 

Factors are considered within 25 metres and within 25-250 metres of the property. Risks are flagged up as before at the start of the report as ‘Identified’.

If this is flagged as an issue you should check the seller’s property information forms (TA6) when they are sent through as the sellers state whether the property has been underpinned.

A Subsidence Report is good for flagging high risk soil types that could cause subsidence, however it does not confirm whether your property has subsidence.

If you are concerned about subsidence then you should instruct a RICS surveyor to complete a Building Survey to confirm if they see any signs of subsidence affecting your property.


Radon is a radioactive gas which is common in many parts of the UK in the ground underneath buildings.

In certain areas, such as many parts of the West Country, the gas can build up to radioactive levels which are harmful to health.

The gas can cause lung cancer, particularly in those who have smoked or continue to smoke cigarettes.

This part of the report flags up whether a property is in a radon affected area. It covers the same function as a Radon Search, which is often bought as a standalone product. 

Should the property be within 25m of a radon affected area, the report will flag the risk up as ‘Identified’ and advise further testing and how to go about this.

Other Influential Factors

This part of the report considers whether the following factors are present within either 250 metres or 250-500 metres of the property. Factors include:

  • Overhead Power Lines and Mobile Phone Masts;
  • Environmental Constraints;
  • Energy and Infrastructure;

Any risks are flagged up at the top of the report as ‘Identified’.

The rest of the report goes into considerable detail about the findings presented, including various maps and photos.

The detail considers, for example, whether any former marshes have been found or ‘historical tanks and energy facilities’.

Should a cash buyer get an Environmental Report?

There is no requirement to buy an environmental search report if you are a cash buyer, but you may give yourself considerable peace of mind by doing so. 

It is worth considering that when you come to sell the property, the next buyer might either have to buy an environmental report or just choose to; if they find a risk factor which you did not know about, you may find your home more difficult to sell than you thought.

How do you order an Environmental Report?

  • Call 0333 324 344 and pay for the Environmental Report*;
  • Report is emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours.

*terms and conditions apply.

Environmental Search Cost

The Environmental Search cost varies depending on the provider, however expect to pay between £50 to £100. The information is sourced normally through Landmark or Groundsure.

What other property searches can your order?

  • Flood Report;
  • Coal & Tin Mining;
  • Subsidence Report;
  • Planning Report;

Find out today if your home is at risk - Order your Environmental Report by calling 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply) or email help@samconveyancing.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021, the government set a target of 10 days to return local searches. However, they can take anywhere from a few days to 10 weeks.

SAM Conveyancing recommends that you book your Local Authority Search as early as possible after your offer has been accepted.

The environmental search report is emailed to you within 24-48 hours.
This is a query into the local area and the land around the property you are buying. The local search reveals any risks known to the council which relate to the property.

It is unlikely that your mortgage lender will allow you to purchase the property without one.

Fixed Fee – No Sale No Fee – On all Mortgage Lender Panels

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