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Find out what planning permission has been granted on your property or your neighbours for a fixed fee of £72 INC VAT.

The report includes:
Planning applications for extensions on your property and on your neighbour's property within 100 metres; Developments within 500 metres; Properties that have had a change of use; Lawful development certificates, telecoms and planning restrictions.

What is a Planning Report?

(Last Updated: 17/05/2024)
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Key Takeaways
  • When you're buying a property and planning renovations, it would be useful to know what planning has been approved or refused on your property and on the surrounding ones.
  • A Planning Report will give you information on all planning permissions from the past 10 years. You can read an example report below.
  • You can order this search for a fixed fee of £72 INC VAT and the turnaround time is 2 working hours*.

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A Planning Report delivers planning permission data from the last 10 years worth of information stored at the Local Authority about your property, your neighbours and commercial developments in the local area. The report is provided by Future Climate Info and includes the following sections:

  • Extension and Small New Builds planning permissions
  • Developments
  • Change of Use
  • Lawful Development Certificates
  • Telecoms
  • Uncategorised
  • Planning Restrictions
Example Planning Report

What does each section of the Planning Report include?

What's included
Radius to Property
Extension and Small New Builds
Local Authority Planning Data will indicate if one or more extension, conversion or new build planning applications have been submitted within 100 metres of the property within the last 10 years. This section captures applications which would typically be considered by the average property purchaser as being minor when considering the possible scale of development. As such, this section will mostly include applications for property extensions, or the construction of only small number (1-2) of new build units.

within 100 metres
In this section we capture planning applications relating to commercial or residential development, which would reasonably be considered by the average property purchaser as being moderate or major in scale. Therefore, this section will mostly comprise development applications relating to three or more units, but extending up to large national housebuilder projects or major commercial developments.

within 500 metres
Change of Use
Land and buildings are put into various categories known as ‘use classes’, which are defined within the Town and Country (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended). A change of this use class will often require a planning application. This section is intended to identify and draw out those applications which, based on the data, relate to a Change of Use scenario.

within 100 metres
Lawful Development Certificates
Lawful Development Certificates (or Certificates of Lawfulness) are issued by Local Planning Authorities to certify that an existing or proposed development (or the use of the land/property) is lawful. ‘Lawful Development’ is considered to be development or use which is not in breach of any planning enforcement or condition notice, and against which the Local Planning Authority cannot take any enforcement action. This section is intended to identify and capture applications which, based on the data, relate to an attempt to obtain a Lawful Development Certificate.

within 100 metres
Applications which make reference to the development of telecommunications equipment such as radio and mobile phone masts.

within 250 metres
This ‘Uncategorised’ section includes any applications where the data or description of the application does not group it with one of the above predetermined categories.

within 100 metres
Planning Restrictions
Additional planning controls may be in place where specific land use designations exist on the property or in the surroundings. These planning controls may restrict the ability to develop a property or make alterations, particularly to the exterior. Such designations may include areas such as Conservation Areas or Listed Buildings. You should speak with your Local Authority Planning Department and/or Conservation Officer to understand the impact of these features on your ambitions for the property. Additionally, if identified within the property boundary some features such as Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments may require specialist maintenance and upkeep.

within 250 metres

Find out what planning permission has been granted on your property or your neighbours for a fixed fee of £72 INC VAT.

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