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Find out everything you need to know about your commercial property, from the local authority records. Get a local authority search commercial property report for a fixed fee of £233 INC VAT.

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Local Authority Search Commercial Property

(Last Updated: 04/08/2023)
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Key Takeaways
  • A commercial property search is essential when buying a property, as it can give you important information about any potential risks.
  • The local authority search commercial property report costs £233 INC VAT and you can check the turnaround time for your relevant local authority.

What are searches when buying a commercial property?

When buying a property with a mortgage, whether residential or commercial, your lender will impose a condition for you to get certain conveyancing searches. These are enquiries on different matters, such as local authority charges or environmental and flood risks. Their purpose is to reveal any potential external risks that could cause damage to the property and cause you to suffer a financial loss.

The main commercial property searches are:
  • Local Authority Search
  • Water and Drainage Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Flood Risk Search
  • Coal Mining Search
  • Chancel Search
  • Highway Search
  • Utilities Search

Do you need commercial property searches?

A standard commercial search bundle includes the Regulated Local Authority & Drainage and Water Searches, as well as an FCI Commercial Search. This includes information about environmental risks, flooding, ground stability and energy and infrastructure. Order with us today for a fixed fee of £500 INC VAT. You can add a Coal Mining Search for an additional £50. If you need any more specialist searches, contact us to see if we can help.

What is a local authority search commercial property?

A commercial local authority search is an analysis made on a property based on the local authority records. It investigates matters such as planning permissions and building regulations, road scheme proposals, environmental risks and whether any part of the property is common land or not.

The local authority search commercial property analysis only applies to the relevant property; it will not contain any information on neighbouring properties. In addition to that, your report will only include information as it was at the time of the search being carried out.

  • Planning permission granted, denied or pending;
  • Building control regulations granted, denied or pending;
  • Highways information;
  • Public use of the property's land;
  • Nearby road schemes;
  • Radon Gas;
  • Conservation area; and
  • Contaminated land;
Regulated Local Authority Search

The local land charges covered by this search include:
  • compulsory orders
  • tree preservation orders
  • planning enforcement notices
  • financial charges registered against a property.

If the time is limited, or you are a cash buyer not wanting to get commercial property searches, you might be able to take out a no search indemnity insurance.

How long do commercial property searches take?

Commercial property searches will each have their own turnaround time. For the local authority search, this is dependant on the relevant local authority and their volume. The search can take up to a couple of weeks.

Local Authority Search Turnaround Times

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£233 INC VAT
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