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Our Mortgage Broker Guide to getting a mortgage in Canvey Island

The mortgage application process has 4 stages regardless of which mortgage lender you use:

    Approval/Decision in Principal (AIP/DIP)
    Mortgage in Principal (MIP)
    Mortgage Valuation
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Read about the full mortgage process here - What is the mortgage process?

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Remove financial links to old partners

You may find that your credit rating is diminished because of the suspect credit history of someone you've shared joint finances with. This might be a business or life partner.

You should write to your credit reference agency and ask for a notice of disassociation.

Discounted Variable Rate Mortgage

For these mortgages, repayments are calculated using a variable interest rate which is a set discount on a lender's Standard Variable Rate (SVR) (which itself is invariably a set percentage above the Bank of England base rate).

If the lender's SVR is 3.00% and the discounted rate gives you a 1.2% discount, you'll pay 1.8%. Your payments can go up as well as down.

Canvey Island is a reclaimed island on the north side of the Thames estuary in Essex – it's only just above sea level and is separated from mainland Essex by a number of creeks. Its history is fairly long, however, as it's been inhabited since the Roman invasion of Britain in AD79.

Up until the last century, it was nearly all given over to agriculture but it became a notable seaside resort between 1911 and 1951. These days, it's protected by modern sea defences so is considerably less flood-prone than it once was.

It formed part of Britain's Second World War defences, with a line of concrete pillboxes built there to deter any German invasion. These days, the eastern half of the island has been fairly developed into residential areas and public amenities. There is a small holiday camp and touristy seafront. The west is mainly farmland, marsh and industrial areas.

In terms of landmarks and attractions, the West Canvey Marshes were acquired by the RSPB and Canvey Wick has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest as it a site which has claims to having one of the highest levels of biodiversity in Western Europe. It has several shopping areas with the town centre based around Furtherwick Road and the High Street. It's Movi-Starr is a modern multi-screen cinema and it has several arcades, an amusement park and nightclubs. It also hosts the well-renowned Lobster Smack public house, which is a Grade II listed building constructed originally in the 17th century. It is where the world-famous pub-rock band Dr. Feelgood hail from.

Property Price Stats for Canvey Island

Average property price in Canvey Island£268,557
% Change compared to last year0%
Population of Canvey Island38,170 (2011)

The property price data is sourced from  the Land Registry's UK House Price Index and you can view up to date property prices by clicking - Land Registry House Price Index >>Land Registry

Mortgage Broker Canvey Island - Recently Completed

  • Atherstone Road, SS8 7DD
  • Larup Avenue, SS8 8AD
  • Falbro Crescent, SS7 2SE
  • High Road, SS7 5HA
  • New Park Road, SS7 5UR

Local High Street Banks in Canvey Island

Mortgage Broker in and around Canvey Island

Our Canvey Island mortgage broker can help you with your mortgage app;lication locally or in any of the surrounding areas including Southend-on-Sea, Hadleigh, South Benfleet, Basildon, Fobbing, Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope.

Which banks are local to you?

  • Barclays Bank Plc - 1 High St, Canvey Island SS8 7RA
  • TSB Bank Plc - 54-56 Furtherwick Rd, Canvey Island SS8 7AE
  • Halifax Bank Plc - 18 Furtherwick Rd, Canvey Island SS8 7AN

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Canvey Island Mortgage Broker Insider Tips

Book your home buyers survey as soon as you have your offer accepted.

Getting a RICS home buyers survey is always recommended because you get an expert opinion on whether a property you want to buy has any defects which may give you grounds to bargain for a lower price with a vendor or even pull out.

Once you have instructed a RICS surveyor, it may take perhaps up to 10 days before they can carry out their inspection and then they may take five working days (or more) to get the report back to you. You should therefore keep delays to a minimum by booking your survey as soon as possible.

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