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Our Mortgage Broker Guide to getting a mortgage in Hebden Bridge

The mortgage application process has 4 stages regardless of which mortgage lender you use:

    Approval/Decision in Principal (AIP/DIP)
    Mortgage in Principal (MIP)
    Mortgage Valuation
    Mortgage Offer

Read about the full mortgage process here - What is the mortgage process?

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Mortgage Broker Tip 2

Try not to use all of the possible credit available to you

To credit agencies, a person who has taken up all available credit can look overextended financially.

This can negatively affect a credit rating as the person will be regarded as statistically more likely to miss payments or make them late.

First time buyer mortgage

First time buyer mortgages are any types of mortgage specifically marketed at first time buyers. They might for example be Help to Buy Mortgages or cashback mortgages (where the lender makes some cash immediately available for your home move when you take out the mortgage).

Mortgages specifically marketed at first time buyers are likely to be those which eliminate as much uncertainty regarding matters such as repayments as possible, so the certainty, for example, of fixed rates is likely to be favoured more than variable rate repayments.

Hebden Bridge is a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. Its name is derived from Anglo-Saxon and the town 'took off' in the Industrial Revolution because the area's geography made it ideal for the siting of water-powered weaving mills. The town continued to develop in the 19th and 20th centuries having a large economic focus on clothing manufacturing.

In the latter half of the 20th century, many artists, musicians and writers moved to the area and it became a focus of tourism. Additionally it became a popular dormitory town for larger towns both sides of the Pennines including Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and Burnley.

Hebden Bridge's shops are virtually all independent boutiques and landmarks and attractions include the Hardcastle Crags (picturesque countryside with great walks), the Hebden Bridge Picture House (an original 1920s Art Deco building), the Trades Club (rated as one of the best music venues in England), the Rochdale Canal (walks and pubs along the route), the ruined church of Heptonstall, the Stubbing Wharf Inn (made famous by Ted Hughes' poem of the same name) and the grave of Sylvia Plath, the prominent writer and poet (and the first wife of Ted Hughes) in the secondary graveyard of St. Thomas the Apostle Church.

Property Price Stats for Hebden Bridge

Average property price in Hebden Bridge£217,032
% Change compared to last year11%
Population of Hebden Bridge4,500 (2015)

The property price data is sourced from  the Land Registry's UK House Price Index and you can view up to date property prices by clicking - Land Registry House Price Index >>Land Registry

Mortgage Broker Hebden Bridge - Recently Completed

  • Lord Street, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorks HX6 2NP
  • Church Bank, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorks HX6 2LP
  • Grey Street, Burnley, Lancs BB10 1BZ
  • Lydgate, Burnley, Lancs BB10 2DU
  • Ribble Avenue, Burnley, Lancs BB10 2PQ

Local High Street Banks in Hebden Bridge

Mortgage Broker in and around Hebden Bridge

Our Hebden Bridge mortgage broker can help you with your mortgage app;lication locally or in any of the surrounding areas including Oxenhope, Denholme, Halifax, Sowerby Bridge, Great Britain, Blackshaw Head and Cragg Vale.

Which banks are local to you?

  • TSB Bank - 8 Halifax Rd, Todmorden OL14 5AD
  • Halifax Bank Plc - 12/14 Halifax Rd, Todmorden OL14 5AE
  • Barclays Bank plc - 203 King Cross Rd, Halifax HX1 3JL

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Hebden Bridge Mortgage Broker Insider Tips

Book your mortgage valuation as soon as you've had your offer accepted

If you're buying with a mortgage, you won't be able to complete unless the funds have come through to your solicitor. You have to apply for a mortgage, be accepted/get a mortgage in principle but then, once you've had an offer accepted, your mortgage lender has to value the property and only after this, assuming all goes to plan, do you get your mortgage offer with funds in readiness.

You can therefore minimise lost time by booking your mortgage valuation on the day you have an offer accepted. It may take around a week or so for the valuation survey to take place, then you have to allow for a few days to elapse before you have your offer. If you delay, the whole process slows down. 

Additionally, if there's any issues, like your lender undervaluing your property or making you a conditional offer, there might be further delays.

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