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Defects flagged in a Bridgwater Home Buyers Survey

HomeBuyers Report Bridgwater
Local Tip 1
A RICS Level III Building Survey remains the industry standard of defect surveys available and if you're looking at buying a property in Bridgwater's area which is of large scale and/or has many outbuildings and/or is fairly old (Edwardian/Victorian and further back) and not of standard construction, you are always well-advised to get one.

A recent such survey a client bought for a property in Pinewood, Somerton TA11 6JW illustrated how worthwhile these reports can be when it comes to making a firm decision to progress with a purchase.

The RICS surveyor noted a variety of essential repairs which the client would be advised to carry out after buying. These included, among other things;

  • considering hard pruning or cutting down the tree in the front garden following inspection of the root system;
  • asking a drainage expert to inspect and quote for repairs to mortar joints on all elevations of the house, garage and extension to prevent ingress of water and damp; and
  • getting soffit boards to improve ventilation to the roof void.

Not only do these kinds of facts put you in the 'driving seat' if you choose to buy but they might influence you to bargain for a reduction in selling price or even pull out of the purchase if there are too many adverse findings in the report.
 HomeBuyers Survey Bridgwater
Local Tip 2
When you're thinking of buying a relatively recently-built property of standard construction which isn't excessively large, you are advised to get a RICS Level II Survey, otherwise known as a HomeBuyer Report to check if there are any suspicions of serious defects which might affect the property and your enjoyment of it when you move in.

In a recent such report bought for a property in Bridgwater's locale, specifically in Greenway Crescent TA2 6NH, the surveyor noted that there was no external evidence of a damp proof course being installed retrospectively and that the potential buyer should not only obtain guarantee documentation for they obtain a bonded (insurance-backed) guarantee which provides protection should the installer cease trading.
Surveyor Bridgwater
Local Tip 3
The South West of England is known to be comparatively more affected by the presence of radon gas than the rest of the country and Bridgwater is no exception. 

Large areas of the town, including where streets such as Alfoxton Road, Durleigh Road and Spaxton Road are located, are in bands of elevated radon potential where the maximum radon potential is 1-3% above the action level. 

The Environmental Search report – mandatory if you're a mortgage purchaser – flags up the potential presence of radon and, depending on whether it is likely to be found and what level it might be present at, might advise taking further action, something which your conveyancing solicitor can give you further advice about.

Types of property in Bridgwater?

Bridgwater has a rich architectural history. The Church of St Mary, for example, a Grade I listed building, dates back to the 13th century. The Blake Museum, where Admiral Blake was born in 1598, has been largely restored. There are a fair number of 'survivals' from the long Georgian and Victorian eras, with more than a few Victorian terraces in evidence for example.

During the 19th century, the Church of St John the Baptist in Blake Place was built by John Brown in 1843, and Castle House (originally named Portland Castle after Portland cement), reputedly the first domestic house in the UK to be built from concrete, was constructed in 1851 by John Board, a local brick and tile manufacturer.

The first council estate to be built in the town was in the 1930s at Kendale Road, followed by those at Bristol Road. The 1950s saw the start of a significant increase in post-war housebuilding, with council house estates being started at Sydenham and Rhode Lane and the former cooperative estate near Durleigh.

House building has continued steadily right up to the present time, where there a fair number of new build developments.

Why Choose Sam Conveyancing for your Home Survey?

After 10 years of helping over 30,000 clients we've learned alot about surveys in Bridgwater using our panel of over 100 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Your Bridgwater surveyor will be local to your property so whether you're worried about subsidence, damp, infestations, extensions or even the just for peace of mind, we've got you covered.

Our HomeBuyers Survey costs are fixed and competitive as you'll see from all our Excellent reviews on Trustpilot. This means you don't have to break the bank to get a full health check on your new home. Get a Home Buyer Survey Quote today or if you're not sure which survey to choose and want to know the difference between a Level 2 Home Survey and a Level 3 Building Survey, then give us a call and we'll happily tell you what you need - 0117 325 8702 (local call charges apply).

What defects are flagged in a Homebuyer's Survey?

Crack in outside wall above window flagged in a Home Building Survey

Cracks are inspected and in the report will confirm if you need a structural engineer as there are signs of historical or current movement.

Find out more - What is subsidence and how do you spot it?

Damp and mould on a wall flagged in a Home Building Survey

The RICS surveyor will use a moisture meter in the rooms and report any high levels along with any mould or damp causing damage to the walls/windows.

Find out more - What is rising damp?

Rotting wood on a window frame flagged in a Home Building Survey
Wood Rot

The wooden door frames and windows will be inspected for rotting and wood worm.

Find out more - What to do with a Rotten Window Frame?

Rat Infestation flagged in a Home Building Survey

The surveyor looks for signs of infestations through droppings, damage to piping/flooring and in some cases finding where the nest is.

Find out more - Can You Sell A House With Rodents?

Japanese Knotweed in a garden flagged in a Home Building Survey
Japanese Knotweed

The surveyor will check the grounds of the property and, where possible, check over the fences to neighbouring plots to identify if there is a risk of Japanese knotweed.

Find out more - Do surveyors check for Japanese knotweed?

Drains and man hole covers flagged in a Home Building Survey
Drains and Manhole Covers

The surveyor lifts up accessible man hole covers to check if the drains are blocked. You may need to get your drains inspected with CCTV.

Find out more - Should You Get a CCTV Drain Survey When Buying a House?

Roof loft space with insulation flagged in a Home Building Survey
Roof and Loft Space

The surveyor will enter into the roof/loft space if there is a safe and accessible ladder. They'll look for insulation, signs of leaking and and damage.

Find out more - What is a roof survey?

Difference between a level 2 and level 3 house survey
A Level 2 HomeBuyers Report is for newer, conventional properties. A Level 3 Building Survey is for a comprehensive analysis, for older or larger properties.

Is a homebuyers survey worth it?
For conventional properties, a HomeBuyers Survey is invaluable. Identified defects can be used as leverage during price negotiations with the seller and can save 1000s of pounds.

Average Cost of Building Surveyor in Bridgwater

The cost varies depending on the size and condition of the property, with the average cost of our HomeBuyers Survey starting at £400 EXC VAT. The average cost of a Building Survey is higher. Our fixed fees start at £500 EXC VAT.

Get a Fixed Quote

To ensure accuracy, we utilise Rightmove or Zoopla to assess the property type, guaranteeing a fixed quote tailored to your needs. For guidance on choosing the right survey, contact our survey specialists at 0117 325 8702.

Download an Example Level 2 and Level 3 Home Survey

RICS Home Survey Level 2

RICS Home Survey Level 3

Frequently Asked Questions: Homebuyers Survey Bridgwater

You don't need to contact your lender to arrange a HomeBuyer Survey in Bridgwater. While they may recommend specific survey companies, we advise obtaining a quote online directly from a RICS-certified professional familiar with your property's locality, ensuring a comprehensive HomeBuyers Survey quote.
Typically, home buyers and investors request a Valuation and a Survey simultaneously, which is encompassed in our RICS HomeBuyers Report. For older or unconventional properties, consider a Level 3 Building Survey. Get your online quote for a property survey from our experienced house surveyors in Bridgwater now.

A standard HomeBuyers Survey in Bridgwater takes approximately 3.5 hours, including local travel, property visitation, and report generation at the office.
With national coverage across England and Wales, including Bridgwater, our back-office systems enable us to identify available RICS surveyors, even outside your locality. If you need a survey carried out urgently, our knowledge, contacts, and systems allow us to find you the best RICS surveyor at the most competitive cost.
We’re committed to equipping you with the necessary tools, information, and pricing to make informed decisions. You'll get a same day call with your Bridgwater RICS Surveyor to discuss your survey, as part of our service to you. You'll always receive full contact details of your RICS Chartered Surveyor when arranging with us.
We offer professional and comprehensive HomeBuyers Survey services in Bridgwater. Our RICS-certified professionals know the local property market intimately. Get an instant online price quote for a survey from our experienced house surveyors in Bridgwater:

The cost of a HomeBuyers Survey varies depending on the type and size of the property, among other factors. At SAM Conveyancing, the average cost for our HomeBuyers Survey in Bridgwater starts from £400 EXC VAT. Remember, a survey could save you significant money in the long run by identifying potential issues early.
Absolutely. Our team at SAM Conveyancing provides a thorough HomeBuyers Survey checklist, guiding you through what our surveyors will inspect. This includes the property's interior and exterior condition and advice on necessary repairs or potential problems.
We understand that sometimes surveys are urgent. While a typical survey takes around 3.5 hours, a Level 3 building survey will often take longer as it is a more thorough inspection. We pride ourselves on our national coverage and extensive network. Even for urgent requests, we strive to find you the best RICS surveyor in Bridgwater to complete the survey promptly.
Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any issues, you can raise a formal complaint. If you remain unsatisfied, you can resort to a third-party dispute resolution service. Our Bridgwater-based RICS surveyor will work diligently to resolve your concerns, potentially revisiting the property if necessary.

We take problems very seriously, and if you encounter an issue, we ensure your concerns are addressed promptly and professionally. The initial step involves submitting a formal, written complaint, outlining the problem and supplementing it with any supporting evidence, like photos.

Our Manchester-based surveyor will send you their Formal Complaints Procedure outlining the expected response timeframes. They will work to rectify your complaint and might even propose revisiting the property in Manchester. After a comprehensive review, they will write back to you, hopefully resolving your complaint through the provision of further information.

If you remain unsatisfied, you can resort to a third-party dispute resolution service to which the surveyor is registered. This service becomes accessible only after you have formally complained to your surveyor.

The details of the dispute resolution service for RICS surveyors are as follows:

Service Provider
Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
100 St. Paul's Churchyard, London, EC4M 8BU
We have local RICS Listed Building Surveyors who specialise in listed building surveys in Bridgwater. To find out more go to - Listed Building Surveys - Building Surveyor and Survey Cost in Bridgwater
We cover the whole Bridgwater area and have recently completed HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys near you, at:
  • Pyrus Walk TA5 2RS
  • Beech Road TA6 4FA
  • Haywater Avenue TA6 7BP
  • Kings Square TA1 3FN
  • Eastgate Gardens TA1 1RE
You can review what planning applications have been granted or denied for properties in your area by contacting Sedgemoor District Council at Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3AR, telephone 0300 303 7800, or you can check the local authority website.

Read the following article if you are thinking about building an extension.

Local Building Survey Bridgwater

Our Building Surveyors specialise in the local area and have completed house surveys in Taunton, Frome, Bristol, Bath, Barnstaple, Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare.

We work with specialist RICS Building Surveyors to undertake Home Buyers Surveys in Bridgwater. Whether you are buying an old run down 'doer upper' or standard construction freehold house, our RICS surveyors have seen them all.

With a vast number of years of experience completing building surveys on properties in Bridgwater we'll be able to give you the detailed Bridgwater HomeBuyers report that you will need to know and what defects there are with your property.

Meet Our RICS Surveyors in your area

*Survey prices vary depending on the type of survey, the size of the property and the property's location.
**Subject to availability. If your survey date is longer than 1 week then ask and we will try to fit you in sooner.


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RICS Level 2 Home Survey with a Valuation

A RICS Level 2 Home Survey, which used to be called the HomeBuyer Report or a Home Buyer Survey, is generally suitable for:

  • Bungalows
  • Flats
  • Standard construction houses

The majority of Bridgwater's leasehold flats require only a RICS HomeBuyer Report but for any Victorian conversions, a Building Survey may well be required.

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