Conveyancing solicitors in London

Moving house is expensive, especially when buying a home in London. Stamp duty, mortgage valuations and survey costs can add up to thousands of pounds. This makes it even more important to find conveyancing solicitors in London who can not only lead the way through the minefield of buying a home but also do it for a competitive price.

Here's some tips about saving money when buying a house in London:

    Be careful of impossibly low quotes for conveyancing in London
It's always good to get a few quotes but we suggest one critical matter when choosing which conveyancing solicitors to instruct in London. An overly low quote will probably be only the first item on your final bill...Impossibly cheap quotes from conveyancing solicitors in London will invariably not include the numerous extras which will be added to your bill before all work is completed. It is worth ringing up any firm offering a quote which seems too good to be true for conveyancing solicitor work in London and asking its representatives to tell you as accurately as possible what you will actually end up paying.

    Fixed fee, all-inclusive quotes
One of the biggest surprises you can get in conveyancing is a final bill that doesn't reflect the quote originally received. In fact, you can find out that the quote was in fact only an estimate and additional charges are being added for work you assumed would be included as standard.Some conveyancing solicitor firms will, for example, charge you extra for photocopying, postage, faxing and bank charges for example in connection with processing linked transactions.

Make sure to read all of the terms of engagement provided alongside your initial estimate and that the fees provided are fixed and all inclusive. You can read more about what SAM Conveyancing offers under its fixed fee conveyancing policy and what additional fees some solicitors, in contrast, add on to clients' bills here - Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitors

Fixed Fee, No Sale No Fee with a 5 out of 5 rating

    Don't get double-charged for legal work on the mortgage
Conveyancing solicitors can include the legal work on the mortgage in their fee, however, some less well known lenders may well employ only their own solicitors to do this. You could therefore end up paying twice for this conveyancing solicitor work. This can be very costly, particularly if you are buying in London.

A SAM Conveyancing quote for buying a house in London includes any legal work which your solicitor does on the mortgage. There is no need to pay for this service twice.

    CQS conveyancing solicitors
CQS is the benchmark for solicitors providing conveyancing services. CQS stands for Conveyancing Quality Scheme. The Law Society gives its CQS to solicitors who demonstrate and achieve certain standards and processes to ensure they deliver a high standard conveyancing service.

    Get your quote for conveyancing in London in writing
Make sure you get your quote for conveyancing in London either in writing or by email. That way  - and particularly if the fee was given as fixed from the outset - the chances of hidden extra charges should be drastically reduced.

    Only use conveyancing specialist solicitors
Moving Home in London
Finally, it is worth finding out who will be doing your conveyancing in London. The less experienced your conveyancing solicitor is then the more stressful the conveyancing process is likely to be...and the more expensive. London is full of properties with complex leasehold titles or new build properties, so finding a solicitor who is experienced in all types of conveyancing transactions.

You can see our list of conveyancing solicitors here - Meet the SAM Conveyancing Team

At SAM Conveyancing we have hand selected some of the best conveyancing solicitors to provide Londoners the support they need when buying. They can work through any type of residential conveyancing from simple to highly complex (for example, conveyancing involving shared ownership, help to buy or housing association-related).

Please call us today on 020 7112 5388 if you have any further questions about buying a property in London using SAM Conveyancing's experienced CQS solicitors.


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