Solicitors Fees For Selling a House. SAM Conveyancing breaks down average conveyancing costs
Solicitors fees for selling a house
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Solicitors Fees For Selling a House

Caragh Bailey, Digital Marketing Manager Caragh Bailey
(Last Updated: 20/12/2023)
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Selling your house is an exciting time, whether you're freeing up funds for a new adventure, or moving along the property ladder. It can also come with stress, especially if you're under financial or time pressure.

In our years of conveyancing experience we know that often, the cure to that stress is knowledge and preparation. So, here we break down the solicitors fees for selling a house, including legal fees and disbursements. Plus, the other costs you'll need to be ready for.

Solicitors Fees For Selling a House. A guide on reasonable rates and what is included, from SAM Conveyancing. Lettering blocks read 'Value' over 'Price'.

How much do solicitors charge to sell a house UK?

Solicitors' fees for selling a house are much lower than if you are buying. If you're doing both, it's generally best to use the same solicitor on both transactions as you'll only pay for certain things once, instead of twice.

Solicitors charge slightly more to sell a house than a conveyancer as they are qualified in all aspects of law. This is usually worth it (as long as they're well experienced with property law) as they'll be prepared to handle any complications that fall outside the remit of standard conveyancing.

Solicitors will charge more for selling a house when the transaction involves more work, such as leasehold properties and when you have a mortgage to discharge with the sale. It's also quite common for more expensive properties to cost more to transact.

You'll need to get a personalised quote from several different conveyancing solicitors. Read our guide on comparing quotes to make sure that you get quality and value.

Quotes for solicitors fees when buying a house can vary wildly

We've seen conveyancing quotes range from £99 to £1000s . As you can imagine, you get what you pay for. Be especially cautious of estimates below £500-£800, depending on your property.

The main red flags to watch out for are:
  • Conveyancing 'warehouses' - Large scale companies trying to keep their costs down by turning over too high a volume of transactions. You can expect poorer service, poorer communication and greater risks of delays or mistakes due to overburdened staff.
  • Low quotes with hidden extras - Some fees aren't included in the basic quote - like a Deed of Covenant, which is specific to certain leasehold transactions. But, keep an eye out for standard work which is tacked on later (such as ID checks or file set up fees) to make your initial quote seem better.

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What is the average cost of conveyancing fees UK?

Typically, once you've factored everything in, average UK conveyancing fees range from £850 -£1,500 for the legal fees, plus disbursements (fees that your solicitor passes on to third parties such as the Land Registry). However, it's lower if you're just selling, rather than buying or both.

What is included in solicitors fees for selling a house?

Our sale quote includes:
  • Main solicitor fee

  • Mortgage Fee

  • Leasehold Fee

  • eLodgement Fee

  • Archive Fee

  • Indemnity Policy Fee

  • File set up Fee

  • Bank Transfer Fee (TT/Telegraphic Transfer/CHAPS)

  • Online portal Fee

And we include your disbursements
  • Land Registry Fee

  • No Sale No Fee Cover

  • Lawyer Checker Fee

  • ID Verification Fee (per name)

  • Land Registry Search (Priority Search)

  • Land Registry Search (Bankruptcy Search)

Some sellers will need specific additional services which are not standard to a typical sale. Our additional fees are fixed too and and we'll discuss any that apply based on the information you've provided us.

We'll add the ones you choose to your total quote, so you get a totally transparent breakdown of costs before we begin.

Non-conveyancing costs when selling your house

EPC - Your energy performance certificate. Must order before you market your property.
Estate Agent Fees - Usually charged as a percentage of final sale price. A lower fee might not be directly correlated with a quality service, so it is important you make an informed decision when choosing an estate agent.
Removals - Varies depending on amount, transportability & value of your belongings.
£100's - £1000's

Maintenance - Basic repairs, decorating and cleaning will help the sale and price.
Dependent on maintenance required
Mortgage exit fee - if the property is mortgaged your lender may charge an exit fee
Early Repayment Charge - If you are exiting the mortgage before the end of the early repayment period.
Capital Gains Tax - If you are not exempt (see FAQs below)
Based on increase in value, less costs of improvements and selling costs

Frequently Asked Questions

When selling your main residence you will probably benefit from 'private residence relief' which will save you from paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

You may still have to pay some CGT if:
  • You have not always lived in the property
  • You, your spouse, or your civil partner own another property
  • You have had a tenant in a separate part of the house (not including a lodger who shares their living space with you)
  • You have used a separate part of the house exclusively for business (not including a temporary or occasional office)
  • The total grounds, including buildings, are 5,000 square metres or more
  • You bought the property purely for profit
No, you don't pay Stamp Duty when selling a house. The buyer pays the SDLT.
Solicitors fees for selling a house in Ireland range from €1000 to €2500 EXC VAT.

SAM Conveyancing currently operates in England & Wales only.
You do not need a solicitor to sell your house. You could opt to use a conveyancer instead. Conveyancers are fully qualified to handle the property transaction but cannot undertake certain additional legal work which may involved in the sale.
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