Our Survey Team will call you shortly!

During office hours we'll call in 10 minutes, after 6pm Mon-Fri we'll call you first thing the next working day

Thank you for your enquiry about getting a survey. We have booking slots available over the next few days so we'll give you a call and run through a bespoke quote for your property. If you're happy we'll handle arranging access and then our local RICS surveyor will complete the inspection and call you on the day to run through any major defects. Our detailed reports get emailed within 5 working days (or less if you are working to a tight deadline).

Have you logged into our FREE Online Conveyancing Process?

Whilst you wait for us to give you a call there is no better time to quickly log into our free Conveyancing Process and check out everything that you are going to need to do during your purchase. It is an online interactive guide where we've broken down every step and set to-do lists that you need to complete so that you don't miss out anything and always know what is needed to be done.

Watch our video on what happens during your survey: