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Top tips for a Grimsby Home Buyers Survey

Grimsby's St James church, now known as Grimsby Minster, dates back to medieval times. The town grew rapidly in the early 19th century alongside investment into the development of the port and even more so with the arrival of the railway in 1848 and many properties date back to this (Victorian) era.

The Dock Tower was completed in 1851, followed by the Royal Dock in 1852. No.1 Fish Dock was completed in 1856, followed by No.2 Fish Dock in 1877. Alexandra Dock and Union Dock were completed in 1879.

Population growth continued into the 20th century alongside the growth of the fishing industry, and numbers increased from 75,000 in 1901 to 92,000 by 1931. This occasioned considerable house-building, under both private and public auspices, and generally of relatively standard construction properties.

After the cod wars of the 1970s, Grimsby's fishing industry declined rapidly and since then the town's population has been relatively static. Housing has continued to be built however, including some new build developments.

HomeBuyers Report Grimsby
 HomeBuyers Survey Grimsby
Home Buyers Survey Grimsby

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Grimsby has been known in more recent years for its development as a renewable energy centre and makes around 28% of its electricity from green sources, according to one measurement. It is relatively close to a large cluster of offshore wind farms. Depending on where exactly in Grimsby a property you're looking to buy is located, there might be some noise and visual pollution resulting from these installations.

Getting an environmental property conveyancing search, which you'll have to do if you're buying with a mortgage, is the best way to find out about the kind of issue described. Depending on what the report says, you might then decide to investigate further and/or your property lawyer might decide to make enquiries about these matters.
Some properties in Grimsby's vicinity may be subject to a higher possibility of flooding from river, coastal and/or surface waters.

The environmental search report presents any findings about the possibility of flooding events which might affect the property you're looking to buy in Grimsby and, if there is a heightened flood risk, your lender – if you are buying with a mortgage – might expect you to buy a further, more specialised flood report.

Increased flood risks are likely to reflected in higher insurance premiums at the very least; although if the risk is much greater than usual, this might make you decide to pull out of a purchase entirely.
Noise pollution from road traffic in Grimsby's locale is most measured along the pathway of the A180 which can affect properties built in streets such as Woad Lane, Allington Drive and Navensby Close.

Noise pollution from railways is greatest along the route of the train line which, going in a west-east direction, takes in Great Coates, Grimsby Town, Grimsby Docks and New Clee. It's relatively uniform, however it's perhaps most marked between the latter two stations, affecting any dwellings in streets such as Murray Street and Robinson Lane.

Lincolnshire Lincolnshire is a county in the east of England and its county town in Lincoln, which is where the county council is situated. Land use here is predominantly agricultural. It is the second largest of the English ceremonial counties.

It is notable for not having any major urban areas, although the coastal population can rapidly rise seasonally because of the coast’s popularity with tourists visiting places such as Skegness and Mablethorpe. The ambience is predominantly rural, with, for example, shops in most areas remaining closed on Sundays.

The county is particularly popular also with birdwatchers, who flock(!) to the fenland areas in the southeast of the county and the nature reserves at Gibraltar Point, Saltfleetby and Theddlethorpe.

Villages are generally self-contained. The county borders Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Additionally, it has a border with Northamptonshire in the south: the shortest county boundary at a tiny 20 yards/18 metres.

Lincoln has two universities, the University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University.

Listed Building Survey Grimsby

We have local RICS Listed Building Surveyors who specialise in listed building surveys in Grimsby. To find out more go to - Listed Building Surveys - Building Surveyor and Survey Cost in Grimsby

DN31 1AA

Building Survey Grimsby Planning

You can review what planning applications have been granted or denied for properties in your area by contacting North East Lincolnshire Council at Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31 1HU, telephone 01472 313 131, or you can check the local authority website.

Read the following article if you are thinking about building an extension .

Local Building Survey Grimsby

Our Building Surveyors specialise in the local area and have completed house surveys in Hull, Scunthorpe, Mablethorpe, Lincoln, Boston, Doncaster and Skegness.

We employ only expert RICS Building Surveyors to undertake Home Buyers Surveys in Grimsby. Whether you are buying an old run down 'doer upper' or standard construction freehold house, our RICS surveyors have seen them all.

With a vast number of years of experience completing building surveys on properties in Grimsby we'll be able to give you the detailed Grimsby HomeBuyers report that you will need to know and what defects there are with your property.

Home Buyers Survey Grimsby

Recently completed HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys near you:

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Home Buyers Survey Grimsby

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Our Building Surveyor uses their local knowledge of Grimsby to ensure they deliver a detailed homebuyers report to help you decide whether you should move forward with your home move or if you should pull out.

Home Buyers Survey Grimsby

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We normally have availability within days of you booking and our turnaround for homebuyers survey reports is within 5 working days.

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Ranging from 10 to 40 years all of our chartered RICS Surveyors are registered with and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and have indemnity insurance that covers all of the work they undertake in a Home Buyers Survey in Grimsby.

Home Buyers Survey - What does it cover?

Our RICS Surveyor, during a Home Buyers Survey in Grimsby, whether a Building Survey (which used to be known as a Full Structural Survey) or a HomeBuyers Report, inspects both the inside and the outside of your property and searches in particular for subsidence, damp, infestations and any cracks or other damage to the property. The procedure is non-intrusive.

NB If you're a first time buyer, you might wish to click on What is a House Survey to find out more, including what happens during the inspection.

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If the Home Buyers Survey flags up any of these defects then our surveyor explains what you need to do to get further advice on how to investigate them and get It resolved. 

If you are concerned about your property in Grimsby has subsidence, or any other defects then you MUST get a Home Buyers Survey as the costs for repairing the defects can run into thousands of pounds. If you can identify the defect before you purchase then you can get quotes for fixing it and either share the costs with the seller, or, in worst case examples, choose not to proceed.

You can find a local RICS surveyor by using the search at the bottom RHS of this page.
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Is a Mortgage valuation a defect survey?

It is a common misconception that a mortgage valuation is a HomeBuyers Survey and this can leave HomeBuyers exposed to high repair costs that could have been negotiated with the seller. A mortgage valuation is conducted by the lender’s surveyor to assess the value of the property you are considering buying in Grimsby and they do not provide a detailed report on structural defects. 

A HomeBuyers Survey details defects and includes a full appraisal of the property independently to anyone else including the mortgage lender. You can use the information to obtain quotes to fix any defects and gives you the evidence to potentially share the costs with the seller.

Most savvy buyers make sure they get a HomeBuyers survey from an independent surveyor to make sure the property they are buying is free from defects. Call us on 0333 344 3234 to get the best HomeBuyers survey for your property in Grimsby.