4 Ways to Avoid Inefficient conveyancing solicitors

Inefficient Conveyancing Solicitors can add delays to an already time sensitive process. New technology such as scan, email, online ID checks and online stamp duty and land registration filing should be adopted to make sure you can have the fastest conveyancing transaction possible (click to find out ways to achieve this).

Some of the best conveyancing solicitors embrace technology to enable fast communication with their clients and the chain. To achieve this doesn’t require automated systems; phone and email are the greatest tools for the leading solicitors.

Sadly old ways die hard and below, we present the 4 ways to avoid inefficient conveyancing solicitors.

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#1. I’ve dictated the response

Back in the eighties and nineties conveyancing solicitors would dictate work they wanted written into a hand held dictating machine which they would pass to their secretaries to type. With email now spearheading fast communications most solicitors use dictating for large reports or detailed enquiries.

However, can you believe that some solicitors use dictating for small 3 line updates to their clients? In fact I have seen a simple 3 line communication that was fundamental to exchange of contracts waiting to be typed on a secretary’s pile for 3 days when all the while the client is pulling their hair out waiting for this letter. Why couldn’t the solicitor take 5 minutes to type and email themselves saving their client the lost time and additional stress? Best advice, where possible send an email!

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#2. I’ll send a fax

Does faxing still exist? Yes is the answer and sadly mortgage lenders are still the loan champions of this archaic system. With that said why can’t everything else be scanned and emailed? The answer is many solicitors now embrace this technology and will accept information sent in this format.

#3. He’ll call you back

Conveyancing lawyers
And never does! This is really annoying and actually wastes more of your solicitor’s time than they are aware of and this is why. If you call and can’t get through to your solicitor, it is likely you’ll call your estate agent and your mortgage broker to find out what is going on. If they don’t know they’ll then feel they have to chase the other side’s solicitors to see what they can find out. If the other side’s solicitors doesn’t know what is happening then the Tsunami of calls is about to hit the one solicitors who didn’t call their client back with their client, estate agent, mortgage broker and otherside solicitors now all about to dial.

This shows how one call out can say 4, 8, 12… calls coming in. Some of the best conveyancing solicitors keep a note of each missed call so that they can either call, or email an update.

#4. They are in a meeting…constantly

Conveyancing solicitors are busy and the majority of their work during the day can often feel like a fire fight; managing the active calls in and out during office hours and the knuckling down to title checking post 4pm. What you may be confused about is why when you call, they always seem to be in a meeting and considering most solicitors don’t meet their clients face to face nowadays then this might seem strange.

Sadly constant meetings can all too often mean your solicitor is trying to not take your call so they can focus on your file. Now, on one hand this could mean your solicitor is getting on with the legal work they need to do, but on the other, they are forgetting to keep you, their client, informed of what they are doing.

Good communication by email and phone is the way to win the hearts of your clients even if the news you have to tell isn’t what they want to hear. Most complaints you hear from clients relate to a simple lack of communication during a very confusing process.

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