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Gas Boiler Installation - Do you need a building control certificate

In England and Wales all gas boiler installations, along with any other heat producing appliance like a fire, need to be registered at the Local Authority to meet with Building Regulations - it is illegal to install a boiler or a heating appliance into a property without a building regs certificate. In this article we explain what you can do if you are buying a property and the boiler hasn't got, or the seller has lost, a building regulations certificate for the boiler installation.

Is your Gas Installer on the Gas Safe Register?

*All boiler installations should be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer or business.

A registered engineer self-certifies the work they do to install a boiler and then notifies Gas Safety of the installation. Gas Safety notify your Local Authority and a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is sent to the property in the post within 10 to 15 working days.

Read on below to see what to do if the seller doesn't have a boiler certificate. We specialise in all stages of the conveyancing process. If you'd like to get a fixed fee quote for conveyancing then please call 0207 112 5388.

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What if the seller doesn't have a boiler certificate?

Although it is illegal to get a boiler installed by an engineer who is not Gas Safe registered and able to self certify, some sellers choose this route to save on cost or because they don't know it is illegal.

If the seller doesn't have a boiler certificate they have two options:

  • Retrospective Building Regulation Compliance Certificate - the seller can pay for a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect the installation of the boiler and either; sign off the installation of the boiler, or make good the installation of the boiler and then sign off the installation. If there is an issue with the installation and the seller won't pay for the works to be addressed, the Gas Safe engineer will be forced to turn off the gas supply to the property/boiler, until the works are completed. The cost ranges from £200 to a complete reinstall.
  • Take out boiler indemnity insurance - the buyer can take out an indemnity policy that protects them against losses for the local authority enforcing the removal of the boiler. The indemnity policy doesn't cover for costs to install a new boiler. The cost for this indemnity insuranc e ranges from £180 to £500.

What happens if you've lost your boiler installation certificate?

If you have lost your boiler installation certificate you can click here to obtain a duplicate boiler installation certificate from Gas Safety or you can call Gas Safety on 0800 408 5500 (choose option 6)

A duplicate certificate can be emailed or posted at a cost of £5 plus VAT (£6).

Do all Gas Safe engineers do retrospective boiler certifying?

Not all engineers will undertake retrospective boiler certification because if there is an issue in the future related to the installation, then they are liable for it - even if it was caused by the original installer. You can check the Gas Safe website for a local engineer who is qualified and able to undertake the retrospective certification.

What are the costs for retrospective boiler certification?

The costs will vary depending on where you live and the availability of the engineer. A standard retrospective certification will cost between £180 to £400. The challenge arises where the original installation does not pass Building Regulations for the install and requires the engineer to re-install the boiler, if this is possible. If the boiler is able to be re-installed then the engineer's costs could escalate to a £1,000 or more.

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