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Land Registry ID5 Form - Verification of online video call


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ID5 Forms are now completed alongside an ID1 Form (individual) or ID2 Form (corporate) as confirmation that the ID verification to place by way of an online video call (such as Skype). The new form is being provide to inform the Land Registry of ID verification where the Applicant wasn't physically face to face with their solicitor. Some solicitors see this as a duplication of work exercise, however the movement to adopt technology to make the ID1 and ID2 process more available is progress.

To be accompanied by an ID1 or ID2 Form.

What does the ID5 Form confirm?

The solicitor who verified the ID for their client by way of a video call must certify the following statement:

"I certify that I met with the above person by way of a video call and I was provided with evidence of their identity. I also certify that I took a screenshot photograph of the person whose identity I verified. I undertake to keep a record of the person whose identity I have verified along with a copy of evidence of identity provided to me and a copy of the screenshot photograph taken during the video call."

When does the ID5 form get completed?

The Land Registry have implemented this additional measure since the 4th May 2020 to allow solicitors to certify to them when the ID is certified over video call. The ID5 form is completed by the solicitor at the same time they are completing the ID1 or ID2 form verification.

Who can complete an ID5 form?

The ID5 form is certified by the conveyancer who verified your ID1 or ID2 form. A conveyancer can be:

  • A Land Registry employee
  • A solicitor
  • A barrister
  • A legal executive
  • A licensed conveyancer
  • A notary public
  • A serving officer of the UK armed forces overseas
  • A non-UK lawyer (they have to provide evidence of their right to practise in this way)

If you want to get your ID certified by someone else, you'll have to contact the Land Registry first to see if they are acceptable to them and you should confirmation of this in writing. You may struggle to find a solicitor who is up to speed with using online video calls for ID1 or ID2s - we can help if you need a video call so contact us on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply).

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Instruction Form

    You complete this ID1 Form online. There is no need to send us a hard copy ID1 Form, original documents or a passport sized photo.
    You scan to us a copy of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone.
    A Skype call is arranged with our solicitor.
    Completed ID1 and ID5 (used for video verification) forms are posted to you for signing.

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