TA10 Law Society Fittings and Contents Form explained

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The TA10 Fittings and Contents Form, drafted by the Law Society, is completed by the seller of any property along with the

The Fittings and Contents Form (sometimes called 'Fixture and Fittings') states what is included or excluded within the sale price of the property.

If it is included, it must be left behind

The completeing of the Fixtures and Contents Form is a legally binding part of the selling process. What you are leaving has to be stated within this form. If you state it is to be left and then take the item with you, then you could face a legal claim in the future. Read our article, Seller left personal property in house - what can you legally do?

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Preamble – items for sale

The preamble, after setting out the seller’s name and address and their solicitor’s name, address and contact details, explains that the seller should tick items as either ‘included’, ‘excluded’ or ‘none’ if there’s no such item in the property.

If you want to offer an item for sale then you mark it as excluded and insert a price in the appropriate box. The buyer can then choose whether to accept or reject the offer. You are responsible for negotiating the sale directly with the buyer or through your estate agent. You can get your solicitor to negotiate the sale but you may be charged additionally.

The wording advises you to be reasonably careful if you are removing any fixtures, fittings or contents and to keep any damage to a minimum. You are also advised to remove all rubbish and leave the property clean and tidy.

Subjects addressed in the form

1 – Basic Fittings
Items here include door bells, burglar alarms, heating equipment, from immersion heaters to electric fires; and many other items found throughout a property such as light switches, window fittings, and electric sockets.

2 – Kitchen
Items here are predominantly ‘white goods’ such as dishwashers, washing machines and fridge-freezers etc.

3 – Bathroom
Items here include baths and showers but also include things like toilet roll holders.

4 – Carpets
All carpets around the house are included here.

5 – Curtains and curtain rails
Once again, curtains and curtains/blinds in all areas of the house are included here.

6 – Light fittings
All rooms in the house are included.

NB: The preamble here says: "If the seller removes a light fitting, it is assumed that the seller will replace the fitting with a ceiling rose, a flex, bulb holder and bulb and that they will be left in a safe condition .

7 – Fitted units
Fitted units include, for example, fitted cupboards, fitted shelves and fitted wardrobes. All rooms in the house are covered.

8 – Outdoor area
This section includes garden furniture, ornaments; trees, plants and shrubs; garden shed, barbecue, dustbins, water butt and even clothes line among other things.

9 – Television and telephone
This section includes telephone receivers, television aerial, radio aerial and satellite dish.

10 – Stock of fuel
This includes oil, wood and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

11 – Other items
This item is left blank to be filled in as appropriate.

You sign and date the form at its base.

*Fixed Fee – No Sale No Fee – CQS Solicitors

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