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Full Structural Survey Cost

(Last Updated: 03/10/2023)
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Key Takeaways

In this article we look at when a comprehensive structural survey is needed and how much it will likely cost based on the area of the country, however the full structural survey cost is based mainly on the size, age and idiosyncrasies of the specific property. So, if you want to know how much your home survey will cost, you will need to get quotes from several places and compare for the best value.

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What's the difference?
The terms Full Structural Survey and RICS Building Survey are all terms used for the RICS Home Survey – Level 3.

A structural engineer's survey refers to several different services and is undertaken by a structural surveyor who reviews a specific problem or project such as subsidence, chimney breast removal or load bearing wall removal. This survey is undertaken when you know there is a specific issue reported to you in a RICS survey or a mortgage valuation.

The Structural survey cost starts at £599 for a non-intrusive inspection. Further charges apply should a more intrusive inspection be required, such as reviewing the footings for a property affected by subsidence.

Comprehensive Survey: When is it Needed?

A comprehensive survey, or full structural survey, is typically recommended for older or unusual properties. This kind of survey is also advisable if you’re planning major works or if the property is of non-traditional construction. It provides a detailed report on a property's condition and can give you peace of mind that you're making a wise investment.

We'll explain house survey problems and what to look for, provide a full structural survey example and how much does a house survey cost. To find out which survey suits your property then read our guide on - Full Structural Survey or HomeBuyers Report.

How much does a RICS Building Survey Cost?

The full structural survey cost depends on certain criteria which include:

  • Location of property - building surveyors charge different prices based on the location of the property
  • Size of property - the larger the property the longer it takes to survey and therefore the more expensive the quote
  • Property price - the more expensive your property, the more your surveyor has to pay for their indemnity insurance to cover themselves against any mistakes and as such the more the surveyor will charge

A Level 3 RICS building survey cost ranges from £599 on a £50,000 property going up to £5,100 for a £3million. Prices can vary up or down based on the above. We can give you a fixed quote today for your property by calling 0333 344 3234 (local call charges).

Full Structural Survey Cost by Location

What affects the cost?
Cost Range
The full structural survey cost in London will be higher based on other parts of the country because of the high average sale prices.

What supports a lower cost are the wide variety of RICS surveyors to choose from.

Costs start from £699 INC VAT
South West England
Although average house prices are lower you will find the cost for a building survey to be higher because of the shortage in the number of local RICS surveyors.

You will also find a number of older properties using a variety of building materials which means the surveyor will take longer to do and cost more.

Costs start from £899 INC VAT
South East England
Similar to London, house prices are on average higher than the rest of the UK and there are a good number of surveyors covering this area. There are however more unique, larger and older properties such as cottages and farm houses which cost more to survey.

Costs start from £699 INC VAT
House prices are cheaper in the West Midlands and properties can be on a newer style so may only require a Level 2 HomeBuyer Survey.

There are fewer surveyors which may increase the full building survey cost and availability.

Costs start from £599 INC VAT
House prices are cheaper in the North however some of the styles and age of property can vary.

There are fewer surveyors which may increase the full building survey cost and availability.

Costs start from £599 INC VAT

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