Do you need a property valuation for help to buy repayment?
Our experienced RICS Surveyors are qualified to provide Help to Buy Valuations.

We cover the whole of England. Prices start at £250 EXC VAT and we have availability within days of instruction*.
A valuer calculates the current market value of a house: RICS Help to Buy Valuation from a Help to Buy Surveyor with SAM Conveyancing

RICS Help to Buy Valuation: Redemption, Sale or Remortgage

(Last Updated: 15/02/2024)
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Key Takeaways

  • The Help to Buy administrator has now changed; please liaise with Homes England for customer services on your Help to Buy loan.
  • You'll need a Help to Buy Valuation Report whether you are repaying the loan in part or in full, or selling the property.
  • The report must be provided using the correct format by a RICS surveyor.
  • The Help to Buy RICS Valuation Report lasts for 3 months

Do I need a valuation?

If you have an existing Help to Buy loan on your home, you will need a Help to Buy redemption RICS valuation when you're repaying any of the loan; whether by cash, remortgage or sale of the property. If you're selling, you'll have to pay off the whole loan from the sale proceeds, if you're just getting a new mortgage without paying off the loan, you don't need a valuation.

What is a Help to Buy survey?

Getting a Help to Buy valuation report (a current market valuation) is the first stage when looking to repay a Help to Buy loan; either partially or in full; it determines the current value of the loan to be repaid as a proportion of the current property value. The equity loan administrator requires you to get a RICS surveyor as they are registered and regulated for reliable and accurate valuation reports. The report needs to be drafted in a specific way to meet with their strict criteria and you must pay for the help to buy survey yourself.

What Survey do I need for Help to Buy?

You need a RICS Help to Buy Survey, also known as a RICS Help to Buy Valuation Report, when you're valuing your Help to Buy property for sale, repayment or remortgage. It is a current market valuation, but it must meet some additional criteria to comply with the Help to Buy administrator's requirements.

  • The Help to Buy surveyor must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS.
  • The Help to Buy surveyor must be independent to an estate agent.
  • The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor and addressed to Help to Buy customer services.
  • The Help to Buy surveyor MUST provide at least 3 comparable properties and sale prices.
  • The comparables provided must be like for like in terms of property type, size, and age and within a 2 mile radius to the property that is being inspected.
  • The Help to Buy surveyor must not be related or known to you.
  • The Help to Buy surveyor must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report.

RICS Valuation cost for Help to Buy

Our Help to Buy Valuation cost starts at £250 EXC VAT. Get a tailored quote for your Help to Buy Valuation from our nationwide panel of experienced, local RICS Valuers.

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What happens at a RICS Help to Buy valuation?

A Help to Buy RICS Valuation surveyor will visit your property and inspect the inside and outside to assess the age, condition and size of the home, taking note of features such as off-road parking, garden and development potential. It will normally take about one hour, after which, they'll prepare a report and give a current market valuation based on other comparable properties in the area.

Understanding the valuation report


Location, type, size, age and tenure of the property; standard or non-standard construction; and available data on sales history.


Up to 10 similar properties in the area with their details, sold price and date, and differences, so that the surveyor can determine whether the property would be expected to have a higher or lower value than yours.

Local property market assessment

Rising, falling or static.

Current market value

Estimated value of your property, with notes and evidence.

What happens after you get the RICS Help to Buy valuation report?

Once your surveyor sends you thee Help to Buy valuation report then you have 3 months in which to complete the repayment. The process is known as either Help to Buy Repayment or Help to Buy Staircasing - they both mean the same thing. You'll need to:

  • complete your Help to Buy application form (see below);
  • provide your solicitor's contact details (we can help with this); and
  • send your completed form and valuation report to Homes England; and
  • pay your administration fee (cheque or by card over the phone).

Download your Help to Buy Repayment Form

This form can only be used for Help to Buy Repayment Transaction.

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