Transferring property to a beneficiary when sole owner dies

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Transferring property to a beneficiary when sole owner dies is a relatively clear process, on completion of which the Land Registry is satisfied with the details of the new ownership.

This article describes the process, adding additional comments.

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    Which documents do you need to send to the Land Registry?
For transferring property to a beneficiary when sole owner dies, you'll need to complete:

  • form AS1 - Whole of registered title:assent
  • form AP1 - Change the register
You'll also need to send a certified copy of evidence of death which can be either of the following:

    How do you prove your identity?
If you want to submit the application yourself, everyone involved needs to have their identity proven.

You can do this at a HM Land Registry office or by going to a solicitor. The Land Registry do not charge a fee to verify identity but a solicitor is likely to.

If you want to go to a HM Land Registry office, you'll need to make an appointment. Everyone who needs to have their identity verified must come to the same appointment.

    What items do you need to bring with you?
You'll need to bring:
  • the completed forms and documents for your application
  • a completed identity form ID1 for each person (click to find out more)
  • a passport-sized photograph taken in the last 3 months for each person
You must submit the application and have your identity verified at the same appointment.

You do not need to send evidence of identity for personal representatives named on the probate or letters of administration.

    How much does it cost?
The fee is based on the value of the property under scale 2 of the Land Registry's registration services fees (click to find out what these are).

    Where do you send your application to?
Send your application to:

HM Land Registry Citizen Centre, PO Box 74, Gloucester, GL14 9BB

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