What is a Land Registry TR1 Form?
A Land Registry TR1 Form is a formal land registry document which literally transfers the legal ownership of a property from one party or parties to another party or parties. The party or parties may be either human or companies ('legal persons') and the transfer may or may be accompanied by money...
Joint Ownership Form JO (Land Registry)
If you are buying a property jointly, Joint Ownership Form JO (Land Registry) confirms exactly how you will both own it. Your solicitor sends on the completed JO form to the Land Registry after they or you and your other joint owner have signed it (see below) such that an official and legal record...
'Cash Buyers Only' – What is a Cash Buyer?
If you're looking to buy a property, when you look online and other places, you might well come across the words 'Cash Buyers Only' and wonder what this means and even wonder what a cash house buyer is. This article looks at these matters and considers: 1 What is a Cash...
Lease extension negotiation - How to successfully negotiate with your freeholder
Lease extension negotiations can be complicated, however in reality they are like any negotiation; one party wants more for less and the other less for more. The difference with negotiating a lease extension premium is that there is a set formula to work out what you should pay to extend your...
Leasehold Extension Section 45 Counter Notice - What happens next?
During the formal lease extension process a section 45 notice is served by a landlord on the tenant (leaseholder) in response to their section 42 notice. In the leaseholder's section 42 notice, they confirm the premium they wish to pay the freeholder to extend their lease by the statutory 90 years...
Section 42 Notice - What You Need to Know
A Section 42 Notice (also known as the Tenant's Notice) is served on the landlord/freeholder which starts the statutory lease extension process. You can serve your own section 42 notice, however most people instruct a solicitor to do it for them. Before starting the process you should check your...
Can't agree lease extension terms with your freeholder? What happens next?
If you can't agree lease extension terms with your freeholder using the formal statutory route, you shouldn't be disheartened as you have many advantages because of the related law. So what should you do next? If you're taking the formal/statutory route to extending the lease on your...
What is a Mortgage Valuation?
A mortgage valuation is obtained during a mortage aplication process and prive a mortgage will have to pay for. Most people think that it is a full structural survey because it costs so much, however a mortgage valuation Survey is not a structural survey. This valuation is commissioned...
Help to Buy Equity Loan
Looking for a great value Help to Buy Conveyancing Solicitors Quote? Let our experienced Help to Buy property solicitors complete all the legals for your Help to Buy purchase. Get a Help to Buy Conveyancing Quote* *Fixed Fee – No Sale No Fee – On...
London's Housing Sales on Par with Last Crash: May 2019
The headline figures for this month are unfortunately a continuation of the narrative we've seen for some considerable time now. Prices continue to drop in England and Wales, along with volumes, and London's volume story by rights should have been caused by some wider earthquake....surely this...
Solar Panel Feed-In Tariff: How You Can Still Benefit
The solar panel feed-in tariff officially ended 31 March 2019 however you can still benefit from the payments which accompanied this scheme. The Government established the feed-in tariff to encourage people to install solar panels as part of its drive to move to more renewable energy...
Freehold Valuation for Collective Enfranchisement
Freehold valuation, or as otherwise known the collective enfranchisement valuation, refers to a valuation report of a freehold that contains 2 or more leasehold flats when qualifying leaseholders are seeking to buying the freehold from the current freeholder through collective enfranchisement....
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