Title Checker Conveyancing Search

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Title Checker Search
Pre-Auction Report
Short on time? Get a report that inspects the property title today.

  • Flags restrictive covenants
  • Easy to read
  • Shows charges (mortgages)
  • Cheap so can get for multiple properties
  • Delivered within 24 hours (normally within the hour)
Need a solicitor to do the legal work for you?

  • Fast completions
  • Fixed Fees
  • On all lender panels
  • Specialist auction solicitor
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot
Sent normally within hours of instruction
£360 or £480 INC VAT
(Freehold or Leasehold prices)

The title checker conveyancing search's speed of delivery and cheap price allow for a buyer to get a snapshot of a property before they commit to an offer.

It leaves you to interpret the information yourself and then decide whether the property is worth buying, or if you might put in a lower offer. It can be used for property in England and Wales.

What is a title checker search?

  • Names of the legal owners
  • Tenure (freehold or leasehold)
  • Grade of Title - absolute, possessory, etc.
  • First registration date
  • Ownership details including cautions, existing charges, multiple titles, notices, restrictions, (if leasehold) lease term and leasehold information
  • Use of property including easements, provisions, restrictive covenants, rent charges, third party interests
  • Flood risk
  • ChancelCheck risk (liability for the upkeep of the local church)
  • Guidance on effects to the mortgage from the CML Lender's Handbook
  • Draft indemnity policies for defects in the title
  • Land Registry Office Copy (online title deeds)

The TitleChecker inspects the Mortgage Lenders Handbook Parts 1 and 2 so if there is a mortgage lender's charge registered over the title it can confirm what issues will be flagged in the title that'll impact a specific mortgage lender.

TitleChecker offers a summarised result for each of the above sections, itemised clearly at the top of the report. The overview analysis of each component is listed below. Where the report requires attention or is critical, a more detailed analysis with actions to consider are provided.

Title Checker Conveyancing Search by SAM Conveyancing: Validated/No entry on Title - There are no adverse matters on the title. Attention Required - There is a discrepancy between the instructed information compared to the file OR there is an element of the title that is deemed adverse. Critical - There is an element of the title that has fundamental issues with it

What are the Pros and Cons of Title Checker?

  • Speed - you can get a quick snapshot of a property's title on the same day (often within minutes).
  • Save time with defective titles - find out if the property has a defect today, instead of weeks down the line after you have instructed solicitors and paid for property searches.
  • Budget for the indemnities - with the draft indemnity policies you can budget for these costs if you proceed with the purchase - you may even be able to get the seller to pay for them.
  • Reduce your purchase price -armed with the knowledge of what the seller bought for and the issues with the legal title you can negotiate the best price with the seller.
  • Highlights mortgage lender issues - find out what parts of the legal title are going to be a sticking point for your mortgage lender.

  • Misinterpretation - you might not understand what the information means within the report.

    This might lead to you deciding  to buy a property which has a defect or deciding not to and missing out on what could be prove to be a worthwhile purchase.
  • Can't ask questions - the report presents information, however you might still need a solicitor to provide answers to questions arising.
  • It doesn't include everything - you are still advised to buy conveyancing searches (such as the local authority and drainage) and a structural survey.

Does TitleChecker replace the conveyancing solicitor?

While Title checker conveyancing searches can help review a snap shot of the legal title, highlighting issues and offering indemnity solutions, it won't replace a conveyancing solicitor during the transaction.

A conveyancing solicitor will review the Land Registry Title (often called the title deeds) and not only tell you about the defects but also work toward fixing any issues they find.

In the case of a mortgage purchase, you'll also need a conveyancing lawyer to act on behalf of your mortgage lender and to receive and send the money to the seller's solicitor.

What is clear though, is that if you quickly want some great inside knowledge about the property you are buying, then a TitleChecker Search can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll want to check with your lender, but in general there are four required searches when buying a house:
Enquiries usually ask for clarification on any points of the sale, from: does this extension have planning permission, to: Will the seller repair X at their own expense before the sale?

Disclaimer and Terms
The TitleChecker Search service is only available for properties situated in England and Wales. The data used to compile the TitleChecker® is produced by the Land Registry and is a reflection of the information used to produce the Office Copy Entries for the property. It should be noted that neither we nor our provider, CLS Property Insight Limited, hold any responsibility for any errors and/or omissions contained within the data provided to them or us or for any misinterpretation of the data thereof. The TitleChecker Summary and Report is produced as a guidance tool only and should not be construed as advice relating to the matters affecting any property in question. If in doubt it is suggested that you fully review the Office Copy Entries provided. The TitleChecker Summary and Report is issued subject to the CLS Terms and Conditions. TitleChecker® is provided with the benefit of a Search Insurance policy offering cover up to a market value of £2m where there is an error in the Land Registry Data.
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