Home Buying Reservation Agreement: a better-functioning conveyancing market?
The Government has announced that it will introduce a compulsory home buying reservation agreement 'later' in 2019 to increase the likelihood that more residential conveyancing processes will complete. This article examines: 1 What are the issues that...
What is a Transfer of Part (of Registered Title)?
Transfer of Part of Registered Title, or simply Transfer of Part, refers to when you own some land or property or some combination of both and decide to sell part of the land and/or property to someone else. You have to ensure that you've an accurate diagram of the portion of...
Help to Buy Authority to Exchange Contracts
Help to Buy Authority to Exchange Contracts is a document which your local Help to Buy agent issues to your conveyancing solicitor granting them the right to exchange contracts with the developer of your property. This article gives a brief overview of this stage of the Help to Buy...
Steel Frame House
A steel frame house is classified as being of non-standard construction (or non-traditional construction) much like concrete houses are (click to find out more) and if you are looking to buy - or sell - one, you need to be aware that this has implications for mortgages, insurance and even your home...
Concrete House
A concrete house is classified as being of non-standard construction (or non-traditional construction) and if you are looking to buy - or sell - one, you need to be aware that this has implications for mortgages, insurance and even your home buyers survey. This article examines:...
Contractor Mortgages
Contractor mortgages have resulted from lenders catering to the huge increase in self-employment in recent years; these specialist mortgages take into account how contractors' work patterns and their particular type of self-employment varies from other forms. High street lenders often...
Leasehold Flats: No Pets Allowed?
No Pets Leasehold Flat? A lease on a leasehold flat can sometimes exclude you from being able to keep pets in the flat which can often lead to a very tough decision to be made when buying the property. Do you pull out from the purchase all together, leave your pet behind or do nothing and see what...
Mortgages for Non-UK residents: overseas mortgages
Mortgages for non-UK residents, often known as overseas mortgages or international mortgages, are used to buy property in a country in which you are not normally resident. This is irrespective of whether you are for example a foreign investor looking to buy property in the UK or a UK expat looking...
Timber Frame Houses
Timber frame houses are far less common than brick houses in the UK - although they are more numerous in Scotland - and, like concrete houses and steel frame houses are classified as being of non-standard construction (or non-traditional construction).  As with homes made from...
What is a Deed of Variation?
In the property sector, a Deed of Variation - or variation deed - is a standard document used to vary the terms of a lease (leasehold agreement), as agreed by the relevant freeholder and leaseholder/s and sometimes other parties, such as lenders. Deeds of Variation have an entirely separate...
Brexit: Buyer Caution and Belt Tightening - January 2019
London's sales volumes remain on life support England & Wales volumes are little better than the capital's All forms of mortgage lending down Is it the time of the 10-year fix? Northern Ireland is the most affordable region for First Time Buyers in terms of first time buyer deposits and...
Property Covenants: Restrictive Covenants
Restrictive covenants or property covenants, regarding land and property law, pass enforceable rights and obligations from one landowner to another on sale or from a landowner to a tenant in the same way. As a general rule, covenants normally restrict or forbid some behaviour - for...
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