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Cheap Conveyancing

You don't have to look too hard online to find adverts for cheap conveyancing quotes that start as low as £99 and, with all the costs involved in moving home, this can look very appealing. The question is, "What do you get for this low cost?" and "what haven't they included?".

You'll most likely get seemingly cheap online conveyancing quotes using search terms such as 'cheap conveyancing solicitors near me’ or ‘cheap conveyancing solicitors for first time buyers’ from a number of conveyancers or solicitors and compare these to find who is the best. It is common practice for these estimates to present a low upfront fee to lure you in, which has additional fees to be added on top at the end. What we show you in this article is how to spot the additional fees in your quote. If you're struggling, we offer a free quote comparison service to make sure you know what your solicitor is going to charge you - call us any time on 0333 344 3234 (local charges) or read on to find out:

We specialise in conveyancing and provide competitive conveyancing quotes. We've have helped thousand of clients successfully move home using our service. Our fees won't break the bank and we always deliver on quality. You can give us a call to get a quote on 0333 344 3234 (local call charge) or if you prefer, use our online service to get an instant fixed fee quote.

What's the difference between an estimate and a quote?
What is an estimate?
What is a quote?
"an approximate calculation or judgement of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something"

"a quotation giving the exact cost for a particular job or service"

It is always important to make sure you get a quote for the conveyancing fees not an estimate. We only ever provide fixed fee quotes for our clients. You can call us for a quote on 0333 344 3234 as we help clients move throughout the whole of England.

What to look for in the Terms & Conditions of low price quotes
With a low price conveyancing quotes you'll need to make sure you trawl through the solicitors' terms and conditions to see if they genuinely are the cheapest solicitor for house purchase that they might claim to be as they'll include lots of 'add-ons' that will most likely get added onto their upfront fee, changing your upfront fee of £399 to a £1,000 final bill. Here's what to look out for:

Additional conveyancing fee
What is the extra conveyancing fee?
Should this fee be part of the standard conveyancing fee?
Administration fee

£40-£100 Yes - this is to cover costs such as post, telephone calls and incidentals.
No Sale No Fee Protection

£50-£200 We include No Sale No fee Protection as standard for all our sale and purchase quotes, however other law firms often levy a fee so make sure to check if it is or isn't included as standard.

File storage fee

£50-£100 Yes - it is best practice for a a solicitor to store your file for a set period and should include the cost for this in their upfront fee.

File retrieval fee fee

£50-£100 No as the solicitor will not always have to retrieve your file after completion and should be able to charge a fee for doing this.

Case tracker fee

£15-£50 Yes - Online tracking allows you to view the progress of your conveyancing based on specific milestones reached. We offer a FREE online Conveyancing Process that goes beyond any other online tracker. Click here to use for free today.

Cyber Crime Verification Product

£12-£50 Yes - cyber crime and email scams are a real threat to you which is why your solicitor should complete checks on the otherside solicitors to confirm there. You can read more on What steps you can take to protect yourself from cyber crime.
TT/CHAPS/Bank transfer fee

£30-£80 Yes - on every sale and purchase a minimum of one bank transfer is required so this should be included within all conveyancing quotes. For more than one bank transfer you should be aware of this additional fee.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Filing fee

£50-£125 Yes - for every purchase your solicitor completes a SDLT return to HM Revenue & Customs for you, whether you have a liability to pay or not.

Online ID fee

£8-£25 per person Yes - your solicitor completes an online ID check for every client.

Mortgage fee

£50-£250 per person Yes - if you are getting a mortgage then your solicitor charges you for the work undertaken for you and the mortgage lender. You can read more about buying with a mortgage here

Leasehold fee

£50-£300 per person Yes - if you are buying a leasehold or share of freehold property then your solicitor should include additional fees for the work involved in handling this type of transaction. You can read more about buying a leasehold property here.
Receipt of bank transfer fee

£20-£50 per payment Yes - a solicitor will receive money on every purchase so should always include the cost of managing the receipt of money from you in their standard upfront fee.

Reply to legal enquiries fee

£20-£40 per enquiry Yes - a solicitor raises a number of enquiries during the title checking process and should include this work within their standard upfront fee.

Look out for this phrase on your estimate
‘This is based on an estimate and further work may be chargeable’

Your solicitor should be able to provide a Fixed Fee Quote at the outset that would cover the majority of all the legal work that is standard. An estimate right at the outset always leads to extra fees being added onto the estimate.

Cheap Conveyancing Solicitors

What are the average solicitors' fees for selling or buying?
Average for a sale for £250,000
The average fee for a sale is less than a purchase as there is less work to do. From reviewing the top 10 online conveyancing solicitors the fee for a sale of a £250,000 freehold ranged from £499 to £1,059 Including VAT. Disbursements to add onto this were online ID fees, official copies of the title register and copy deeds.

Average for a purchase for £250,000
From the same top 10 online conveyancing solicitors the fee for a purchase of a £250,000 freehold ranged from £565 to £1,159 Including VAT. Disbursements to add onto this were online ID fees, stamp duty land tax, conveyancing searches, land registration fees and OS1/bankruptcy checks.

What are the other conveyancing costs?
Here are the other conveyancing costs that need to be paid for:

Sales Costs
Purchase Costs
  • Online ID Check
  • Lawyer Checker Fee
  • Official Copies of the Register of title
  • (If Leasehold) Copy of the lease
  • (If leasehold) Leasehold Management Pack

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Land Registration Fee
  • Property Searches
  • Online ID Check
  • Lawyer Checker fee
  • OS1 & Priority Searches
  • (If leasehold) Apportionments inc service charges and ground rent
  • (If leasehold) Notice fee to landlord, engrossment fee, deed of covenant fee

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