Our Conveyancing Solicitors' ID Checks

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The conveyancing process has evolved over the years and so has the identification procedure.

Historically it used to be that your local solicitors handled all of your legal affairs, knew you in person and would see you during the conveyancing process.

Nowadays the age of the one stop shop local solicitors has fallen away allowing for specialists in specific areas of law – conveyancing is at the front of this movement.

Every solicitor has their own chosen ID process that they undertake when working for a new client. You can read our complete article here - What ID does your Solicitor need?

Read on to find out what ID documents our solicitors require...

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These are the individual ID checks for our panel of solicitors:

Chadwick Lawrence LLP Solicitors

If you are unable to attend Chadwick Lawrence's offices with the required ID documents for them to copy and certify then satisfactory proof of identity can be supplied in any one of the three following ways:

1.    Supply a photocopy of the above together with your Date of Birth and NI number to our firm and we will carry out for you an online ID check using Equifax at the cost of £8 Inc VAT per name. This additional fee will appear on your final invoice.

2.    Take your photo card driving licence or your passport plus an item of evidence to prove your address (i.e. a recent utility bill, recent council tax bill or bank statement) to another firm of solicitors and ask them to certify the document/s for you. The certified paperwork should then be sent to us; or

3.    Take the same documents to the Post Office and use their Document Certification Service scheme (which costs approximately £7 per name). Once the ID is certified under the scheme please send the documents on to us.

The above three points will only apply where we do not meet you in person.  If we do meet you at one of our offices, please produce the originals of the ID as set out above. We will take a copy and hand it back to you.

If you are a non-UK resident, then please read this article for information on proof of funds and ID requirements - Receiving Monies from Overseas

Spicketts Battrick Solicitors

We will ask for photographic evidence to confirm who you say you are. Typically this will be by way of passport, photo-card driving licence or shot gun certificate etc. We will retain a certified photocopy of this document for a period of five years. We may also ask for evidence of address by way of a recent utility bill or similar.

We will also undertake a search with a third party company who provide identity verification services for the purposes of verifying your identity. The company and the firm will keep a record of the search. This may result in an electronic ID check footprint being left on the search subject's credit reference file. However this footprint does not adversely affect a credit reference file and is not used by lenders to inform credit decisions.

Each client is to provide one document from List A below and one document from List B.

List A
  • a valid full passport; or
  • a valid HM Forces identity card with the signatory's photograph; or
  • a valid UK Photo-card driving licence

List B
  • a firearm and shot gun certificate; or
  • a receipted utility bill less than three months old; or
  • a council tax bill less than three months old; or
  • a council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months; or
  • a mortgage statement from another lender for the mortgage accounting year just ended; or
  • a cheque guarantee card, credit card (bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo) American Express or Diners Club card, debit or multi-function card (bearing the Switch or Delta logo) issued in the United Kingdom with an original account statement less than three months old; (we would prefer that you use this option only when presenting the documents in person at our office rather than risk loss in the post)

Please remember that certified documents are needed.

If you are in difficulty providing the documents requested please contact us straightaway. - 0333 344 3234 or help@samconveyancing.co.uk

*Fixed Fee – No Sale No Fee – On all Mortgage Lender Panels

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