Termite Treatment

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Termite treatment: termites can cause significant damage to any wood and timber in homes and remedying it may cost many £1,000s, including the cost of replacing the timber destroyed or affected.

So far, the UK has suffered very few outbreaks of termites, although in North Devon, an apparently eradicated population which originally arrived via shipments of wine crates has reappeared.

Once again, the importance of booking a home buyers survey is clear. An experienced RICS surveyor with knowledge of the local area will be able to spot signs of infestation and refer you to an appropriate specialist.

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What are termites?

Termites are small, pale soft-bodied insects living in large colonies normally within a mound of cemented earth. The mounds can become quite large, sometimes more than a metre in height. There are many different castes including blind workers, soldiers and queens.

The damage is caused as workers and soldiers find nearby wood and timber sources and use these for food. They have been known to strip whole houses in 2-3 years.

Some common types include:
  • Dampwood Termite (Zootermopsis and Neotermes)
  • Drywood Termite (Cryptotermes and Incisitermes)
  • Formosan Termite (Coptotermes formosanus)
  • Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes, Coptotermes and Heterotermes)
  • Conehead Termite (Nasutitermes Corniger)

What treatments are available?

Termite Treatment Costs
A specialist inspects the termite infestation and places protecting chemicals appropriate to the species around areas vulnerable to attack, such as within the foundations.

Dry foam can be used to fill voids and spaces in walls, under slabs and around pipes, which protects against infestation but is of sufficiently low moisture content so it doesn't damage, for example, dry walls.

Bait with poison is introduced into at-risk locations around your home such as old tree stumps which interferes with a termite's ability to moult which stops it growing.

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*RICS Surveyors – Local Knowledge – Same Week Availability
Want help now? Call us on 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply)

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