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Infestation Definition

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Infestation definition: in the context of homes, infestation is when a home is inhabited or overrun by pests - normally rats or insects - in large enough numbers to be harmful, threatening or obnoxious.

If you are buying a home which is infested by pests, you require a specialist to advise on remedial action and you may wish to bargain with the vendor to contribute towards the costs involved.

A RICS surveyor is trained in noticing evidence of various forms of infestation - this is another excellent reason to book a home buyers survey.

Infestation Definition: what types of infestation are there and what are the signs?

Rats and mice - attack timber, pipes, brickwork, wires. Eat food and can also cause disease, particularly rats (Weil's disease, can be fatal).
Signs - burrowing entrances, droppings, gnaw marks. If in sufficient numbers, can be seen.

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Dry and Wet Rot
Dry and Wet Rot - attack timber and masonry. Can cause severe structural damage. Spores carried in the air.
Signs - both show white fungus and white strands over timbers and masonry. Dry rot can have a distinct odour. Wet rot does not spread as prevalently as dry rot.

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Woodworm (Beetles) - various types, including Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, Death Watch Beetle, Wood Boring Weevil, all attack timber and masonry.
Signs - jagged markings from tunnels bored and dust from the boring (called frass).

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Termites - attack timber voraciously. Rare in the UK but notably present in Devon, they can potentially destroy a house in 2 - 3 years if unchecked.
Signs - flight holes, appearance of white ant workers and soldiers, noise caused by eating, earthen packing and sometimes odour.

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Japanese Knotweed
Japanese Knotweed - attacks all building structures. Can grow 20cm per day and grow through tarmac and concrete. Spreads quickly through its rhizomes (underground food storage vessel - similar to a potato, for example) and roots can grow to a depth of 3m.
Signs - red/purple shoots in spring, rapidly form canes. Creamy-white flowers in late summer. Leathery dark brown bark of underground rhizome, snaps like a carrot, under bark is orange or yellow.

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What specialists do you need to combat infestations?

Your RICS surveyor, if they find evidence of infestation, will recommend an appropriate specialist to remedy the problem:

  • Rats and mice - rodent control specialist.
  • Dry and Wet Rot, Woodworm (Beetles), Termites - damp and timber surveyor.
  • Japanese Knotweed - Japanese Knotweed specialist.

If you are worried about an infestation problem in your home or a property you are thinking of buying, call one of our experts for further advice - 0333 344 3234

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