You might think all the work is done by exchange, however, here is a complete run through on what happens between exchange and completion and who needs to do what and when.

What happens between exchange and completion?

(Last Updated: 15/11/2023)
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What happens between exchange and completion depends on who you are in the chain. The seller, buyer and their respective solicitors all have jobs to do that need to be finalised before completion. We have a to-do list for everyone involved so you know what everyone needs to do.

What does the buyer do between exchange and completion?
  • Take out your Home Insurance (required for all freeholds from exchange).
  • Hand in your notice to your landlord. Read more on - When do I hand in my notice?.
  • Confirm completion date with your removals company.
  • Send your completion money to your solicitor the day before completion.
  • Organise a redirection for your post through Royal Mail.

What does the buyer's solicitor do between exchange and completion?
  • Send executed contract of exchange and 10% deposit to the seller's solicitor.
  • Send the Certificate of Title to the mortgage lender to drawdown mortgage funds the day before completion.
  • Draft completion statement and send to buyer. Read more - What is in a purchase completion statement?
  • Send completion monies to seller's solicitor.
  • Confirm once completion has taken place and keys have been released.
  • Pay SDLT, register property at Land Registry. Read more about - What happens after you complete?

What does the seller do between exchange and completion?
  • Pack up possessions in property, ready to move out.
  • Organise Royal Mail postal redirection for the date of completion.
  • Release keys to selling agent or the buyer once confirmed by the seller's solicitor.
  • Vacate the property and leave it empty on completion. Read more - Seller left personal property in house - what can you legally do?
  • Take utility meter readings and give to providers.

What does the seller's solicitor do between exchange and completion?
  • Receive 10% deposit from buyer's solicitor.
  • Send Replies to Requisitions to buyer's solicitor.
  • Request mortgage redemption statements from mortgage lender/s
  • (if leasehold) Request up to date service charge and ground rent statements and send completion statement to buyer's solicitor.
  • Draft completion statement and send to seller.
  • Receive completion monies and pay off any mortgages.
  • Call the buyer's solicitor or estate agent to release the keys.


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