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Caragh Bailey, Digital Marketing Manager Caragh Bailey
(Last Updated: 01/09/2023)
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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the transferring of the legal title from one party to another, when a property is sold. You can't simply buy a house like anything else, a qualified conveyancer must execute the proper legal paperwork to transfer the legal ownership.

How do you choose a conveyancer?

With property being one of the biggest commitments you can make, you'll want to make sure you choose a conveyancer whose right for you. Our YouGov survey found that 41% of homeowners surveyed didn't know or recall why they chose their solicitor! Do not underestimate how important this decision is to your experience and sanity through the ups and downs of your transaction.

Factors to consider when choosing a conveyancer:

Quality & Reviews

We've helped thousands of people move home since 2014 and you can read their reviews to see that quality of service has got to be your number 1 priority.

Compare the reviews of each of your prospective conveyancers to be sure than you can rely on up-front communication, dedication to time-scales and efficient legal work.

Choose from Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited solicitors when you compare conveyancing quotes. Law society logo showing icons of a person, a house and a tick. Reads 'The law society accredited conveyancing quality'

Choose from CQS accredited conveyancers

The CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) is an accreditation provided by The Law Society. You can trust CQS as a mark of the highest standards of conveyancing.


A good conveyancing firm will have one property solicitor on your transaction who will know your case inside out. They should give you their name right away. Look them up - you should be able to find out how long they've been in the business through a quick online search and catch any red flags.


Make sure you're getting a good price. Beware the word 'estimate' as this is insubstantial - you want a 'quote' which means what it says on the tin - you can quote this price if they try and charge you more.

However, you'll also want to check the small print to see what is included in the quote. Many firms will keep their quotes low - but you'll suddenly find extra fees tacked on for essential things which were not included in your original quote.

Weigh value and price when you compare conveyancing quotes. A hand adds a coin to one of 3 different sized stacks of coins next to a wooden block house.

SAM's conveyancing quotes are fixed fee, no sale no fee and include 'the full package', with fixed additional fees for specialist legal services which are unique to your property and transaction.

Your conveyancing consultant will run through these with you before you instruct, so you know, based off your current information, what to expect through the rest of the process.

Use the tool below to compare conveyancing quotes to see how they weigh up when you factor in the costs that other conveyancers add on.


With advances in tech security, most to all of the conveyancing process can happen remotely. You may be tempted to go with a conveyancer who is nearby, but ask yourself why?

  • Online conveyancers are often able to offer quality service for less, because they don't face the expense of running local branch offices.
  • Video meetings are a great convenience to you, enabling you to move through the transaction faster, without the need to travel to an office.
  • Old school, high street conveyancing is more likely to have old school methods. Beware snail mail and the delays you can expect when turning a document around takes days instead of seconds via email. If you hear the word 'Fax', run!

Conveyancing Quote Comparison Calculator

What is the Agreed Sale Price?
Main Solicitor Fee
Mortgage Fee
Leasehold Fee
Completion of Stamp Duty Land Transaction Form
eLodgement Fee
Archive Fee
Indemnity Policy Fee
File set up Fee
Bank Transfer Fee (TT/Telegraphic Transfer/CHAPS)
Online portal Fee
New Build Fee
Fast completion for new build fee (normally 28 to 36 days)
No Sale No Fee Cover
What is the total fee you'll have to pay your solicitor?
Stamp duty Land Tax
Land Registry Fee
Conveyancing Searches
Local Authority Search
Water and Drainage Search
Environmental Search
Lawyer Checker Fee
ID Verification Fee (per name)
Land Registry Search (Priority Search)
Land Registry Search (Bankruptcy Search)
What is the total for the disbursements?
What's the total cost?
We can save you

Simpson Millar
Total cost including disbursements
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